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The episode opens with Wendy having an interview for a new job at a studio that seems even better than her own job.  The guy seems to be pushing for Wendy more than she's pushing for the job.  Wendy then goes to grab Nico for their lunch date with Victory, but she's already eating and being very friendly with Griffin.  Nico comes with Wendy but not without getting some heavy guilt.  The girls arrive at Victory's too see her crying about messing up Joe's marriage proposal, surrounded by empty bags of chips and still in her pajamas.  They tell her she needs food, she tells them she needs margaritas.  The girls decide to take a spa road trip to a bed and breakfast.

The ladies arrive at their retreat only to discover there's no alcohol in the juice only bar.   Though they're told to turn their cell phones off, Nico gets a call from the guy who interviewed Wendy... it turns out she set up the interview.  After dinner, Nico let's it slip that her and Wendy knew Joe was going to propose and Victory feels like they treat her like a little kid they hide secrets from.  Victory goes to hide at the fireplace and the "cute" waiter from dinner (who we think is creepy looking!) comes to join her.  They definitely a little chemistry and schedule a massage appointment for the next day before Nico and Wendy come down to join her.

The next day while everyone else is trying to relax, Victory is desperately trying to get a cell signal in case Joe calls her back (apparently she left him a message).  Kirby then comes and surprises Nico with some beer and they have a picnic.  Much to Kirby's surprise, Nico placed a bid on the 20 acres of land they're on saying she wants it as a weekend retreat for the two.  Kirby tells her he likes the noise of the big city and doesn't want to leave it to go back to the quiet he grew up in.  Uh oh, their first big difference.

That night, after her massage, Victory goes to lay under the stars and drink beers with the "cute" (creepy) waiter.  When the guy goes in to kiss her, she realizes she would have said yes to Joe and makes it known to everyone with plenty of screaming.

The next day the girls decide to leave early.  On the way home Nico hits a possum and when they pull over the car won't start again.  Victory calls Joe to come rescue them and he sends two cars.  Nico finally confronts Wendy about the job and Wendy tells her she doesn't want it.  Joe, meanwhile arrive, and tells Victory he no longer wants her as a friend or business partner and needs to give her something he should have done a long time ago.  He takes out... an envelope.  He plans on giving her back her company free and clear and wants to have nothing to do with her.  He drives away in the limo and leaves the other car to drive the girls back.

The episode ends with the girls drinking some scotch they stole from Joe.

Lipstick Jungle
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Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Wendy: I really think you should eat, you look weak
Victory: I want a margarita

It's not high school, I can't just quit cheerleading because you don't like the captain


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Song Awake The Nucc
Marigold Marigold Barbara Cohen iTunes
Song Peace Bodhl