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The episode opens with the Wendy giving assignments to Nico and Victory regarding her locavore Thanksgiving.

Victory is saying goodbye to Roy who's leaving for the holidays when a man, James Skylar, comes by and asks Victory to design a dress for his bridge for their wedding in two weeks.  What's better is it turns out Dahlia sent him to her.  Victory, eager to get out of Wendy's Thanksgiving dinner, agrees to make the dress and work through the holiday on it.  All she knows is the guy's wife was a dancer he met in Vegas and he tells her to design it to accentuate a Vegas dancer's assests.

Dahlia (Rosie Perez) shows up with the dancer, Kelly, who is now a much more heavyset woman than Victory was planing.  While Victory quickly tries to recover to take into account the new body type, Dahlia seems to be sabotaging.  After Kelly tries on the dress, she cries that she doesn't want to be laughed at walking down the aisle.  Dahlia and Victory actually team up and convince her to wear it.  Dahlia and Victory then bond over some drinks and head on over to Wendy's, now as friends.  Yay!  We heart Dahlia.   Also, Sal was about to leave the dinner when Dahlia showed up and he abruptly decides to stay.  Guess we're not the only ones that heart Dahlia.

Nico and Kirby have a little fun at home before they head out to buy the groceries they were assigned.  However, on the way out they run into Megan who wants to drop Charlie off with Nico while she goes to tell her parents about him.  We then get a cute montage of Nico and Kirby taking care of Charlie and they seem to be good parents.   When Megan doesn't show up the next day and they can't get a hold of her, Nico and Kirby bring Charlie with them to Thanksgiving at Wendy's.

At Wendy's Nico gets a call from Megan who tells Nico she's leaving Charlie with her that she can't take care of him.  Nico lies to Kirby and says it was a work call.  Kirby wants Nico to call the police about the baby to get child services involved.  When Nico and Wendy are looking over Charlie we find out Nico plans on keeping Charlie.  Nico and Kirby get into a huge fight about her lying about the phone call and keeping Charlie.  It's very apparent Kirby was okay babysitting but not raising this kid.  We honestly don't blame him.

Wendy may be the host of the dinner but the food is hardly her problem.  Her mother, Joyce (Mary Tyler Moore), arrives for the holiday and Shane's new manager, Josie (Vanessa Marcil), calls Shane hysterically about her dog and he invites her to Thanksgiving.  Josie soon arrives crying hysterically that her dog died and is lying under her bed.  Wendy sends Shane over to help Josie dispose of the dog... wait what?  What are you thinking Wendy?

Shane is over at Josie's making phone calls trying to find someone to pick up the body but everyone is closed.  The very attractive Josie changes in front of Shane and he can't help but look.  Shane left his phone at home and Wendy calls Josie looking for Shane.  They're all still waiting on him.  Josie and Shane head to Max's favorite place to bury him when the cops show up.

Shane then leaves Josie at the police station and he heads back to dinner.  After playing with Charlie  earlier that day, the episode ends with Shane telling Wendy he wants to have another baby.  Aww.

Lipstick Jungle
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Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Nico: Victory, you're not gonna get over Joe by sitting at home in your bathrobe stuffing your face with nutter butters
Victory: How about double fisting sleeping pills and hiding under the covers?

Doesn't Thanksgiving already come with a theme? It's like hanging a hat on a hat

Nico [referring to Wendy's locavore theme]