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Mia tells her daughter Pearl that she will be doing some work for the Richardson family.

Isabelle expresses to her mother that she's feeling anxious about the first day of school, but her mother ignores her concerns. 

Moody shows Pearl around school since she is new in town. Isabelle opens her locker and finds that someone has posted photos of Ellen Degeneres. 

Pearl attempts to convince the guidance counselor to put her in a more challenging math class since she already has credits from her old school for the class she's currently in.

Mia starts working for Elena as her housekeeper. Tension builds between the two when Mia tells her she can only work afternoons.

Elena tells Mia that the number she provided as a reference was not acceptable. Mia promises to get her a new number. Mia has a co-worker call Elena and pretend to be a reference. Elena is skeptical about the unexpected call and the glowing review, and orders a background check on Mia.

Mia and Isabelle connect when Mia gives Isabelle advice about standing up to bullies

Pearl complains to her mother that her school is making her retake geometry, and she tells Pearl she needs to advocate for her self. Mia sees her coworker Bebe at the Chinese restaurant crying and offers to finish her shift.

Elena takes it upon herself to help Pearl get into the advanced math class.

Isabelle takes Mia's advice and stands up to her classmates and teacher. She's sent home for the day.

Mia finds background check Elena performs while cleaning the house, but decides not to tell Elena. Mia offers to help Elena with her book club even though she previously said she would be unavailable. 

Elena struggles to defend her opinion during the book club, and Mia jumps in to defend her. After the meeting, Mia admits to lying about the reference she provided to Elena. Elena and Mia have a bonding session over wine. 

Moody smokes for the first time with Pearl at her apartment while no one is home.

Bebe admits to Mia that she lost her daughter. 

Pearl lies to her mother and tells her that she resolved the situation with her math class on her own.

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Little Fires Everywhere Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Who said you have to sit back and take it? If you don’t show up for yourself, who will?


How can we see ourselves when we’re afraid to look at who we really are?