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A flashback shows that Bebe was not able to feed or provide for her baby. 

Mia assures Bebe that she is sill Mei Ling's mother, and should try to find her. Bebe says she cannot find Mei Ling because she is limited in her rights as an illegal citizen.

Lexi read her Yale entrance essay to her boyfriend will simultaneously sexually pleasing him. He realizes while eating dinner at the Richardson's home that Lexi took her essay from Pearl's experience. 

Mia visits the firestation in an attempt to find Bebe's daughter. 

Elena has a conversation with Isabelle about the issues she's having at school. Isabelle assures her mother the girls are spreading rumors about her. Elena tells Isabelle to shape the story she wants to tell.

Isabelle takes her mother's advice and makes it a mission to prove to everyone that she's straight. Moody, Pearl, and Isabelle agree to go to homecoming together. 

Mia asks Mr. Richardson if he knows any immigration lawyers that would work pro bono, and he tells he doesn't know any. 

Lexi takes Pearl shopping for a homecoming dress. Lexi tells Pearl that her Harvard essay was inspired by her experience. Lexi buys an expensive homecoming dress for Pearl.

Elena informs Mia that Linda has had a hard time getting pregnant, but she found a baby at a fire station. 

Pearl asks her mother about her biological father, but Mia refuses to give her any answers. 

Brian is deeply troubled when Pearl confirms that Lexi's college admission essay was stolen from Mia's experience without her permission.

Mia offers to take pictures at Linda's baby's birthday party for free. While at the birthday party, Elena discovers that Isabelle was accused of sexual accosted her ex-best friend, and Mia discovers that Linda's new baby belongs to Bebe.

Mia tells Bebe that she found her baby at the birthday party. Bebe shows up at the party unannounced and demands that Linda return her baby girl.

Mia hooks up with her co-worker to relieve stress. 

Elena vows to help Linda figure out who the strange woman is that showed up at the birthday party.

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Little Fires Everywhere Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

With all this affirmative action stuff you’ll be a shoo-in practically anywhere.


A mother is a mother and you will always be hers.