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Dyson visits Vex's bar, leaves, and wakes up in the alley with blood covering him and Ba'al dead. He goes to Trick's bar for sanctuary. Bo and Kenzi investigate Ba'al's murder to clear Dyson's name. The Morrigan tries to take Dyson into custody, but can't because Dyson has sanctuary. Kenzi befriends the witness to Ba'al's murder. Dyson finds out that he went to the bar in order to investigate the murder of a Fae with pink hair. He leaves Trick's sanctuary and goes to Vex's bar. The Morrigan uses the opportunity to capture Dyson and torture him into giving her information about Bo. In the end, it was Vex's bartender, also a wolf, who killed Ba'al. Bo and Kenzi free Dyson.

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

We are going to bring justice to Faetown.


We got a Dark Fae who looks like he was a chew toy for a wolf.