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Bo, Kenzi and Dyson infiltrate a country club to look into the disappearance of immigrants. Bo and Dyson join the club, while Kenzi works in the kitchen. The members of the country club all have good fortune. They uncover that a Land Wight is exchanging good fortune of the members for human sacrifice.

Dyson declares his feelings for Bo and she reciprocates. In order to stop keeping secrets, Dyson tells Trick that one of them has to tell Bo the truth that day. Trick doesn't, so Dyson calls Bo to meet up at the police station. Saskia isn't happy about Bo's relationship with Dyson and attacks him. Bo walks in on Dyson with Saskia. Bo stabs Saskia and then saves Dyson.


Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Listen, if you kill Yogi and Boo-Boo I'm never talking to you again.


I don't want to share you, Bo.