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  • Bo is determined to go after The Ash for Lauren recommitting to him after he lied.
  • Kenzi and Nate reconnect. He asks her to go on tour with him and she agrees after Bo says she should go.
  • Trick wants to use the Blood Moon to see the future. He needs Bo to get the ring from a shifter to make it happen. Dyson and Hale help Trick get the drug for his mission.
  • Bo tells Trick she won't go after Lachlan, but she does anyway. She finds multiple Lachlan heads in his trunk. He interrupts her and they fight. When The Ash gives up, Bo decides not to kill her.
  • The Ash entrusts Bo with information about the coming troubles after she decides not to kill him and mentions her visits by the Nain Rouge.
  • In Trick's trance he is visited by his dead wife, only it isn't really his wife. Instead his trance was manipulated by the Garuda. They are coming after the Fae again.
  • The Ash asks Bo to lead the coming war against the Garuda.
Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

A shifty shifter. I've got it.


He deserves a swift kick to the zipper part of his pants.