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Bo checks out an apartment full of crazy residents. The doorman hires Bo to look into the situation because he was turned down by the new Ash. Bo agrees, but then is attacked while sleeping by a Mare. The Mare is a creature that feeds on the energy of humans having nightmares. Bo goes to get assistance from Lauren, who tells Bo the Mare don't usually feed on Fae. While Lauren is helping Bo, the Ash shows up to take possession of his property, Lauren. Bo tries to fight him, but doesn't.

Bo tries to see Lauren, but the Ash refuses. She finds out from him that the doorman never asked for help. She finds out the doorman is a Dark Fae hiding in the Light Fae territory. He is a Sandman working with the Mare.


While Bo is dealing with that, Kenzi brings a Brownie into their home to take care of things. He ends up more trouble than he is worth when he stops working. Kenzi recruits him to help her save Bo from the Mare. He calls on a Baku to help. The Baku is able to take all the negative dreams away from Bo. She was still stuck in the nightmare, when she dreams that Dyson was there and wanted to love her. She realizes that was not true and comes out of the trance.


Bo got rid of the Sandman and the Mare. She reports to the Ash that she cleaned up his mess. And, he offers her a job, which she refuses.

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm sorry, but you are the most wonderful man I've ever met.


What do you say? In here, we could be together. Always.