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  • Bo and Ryan are still going hot and heavy when Kenzi and Nate return to town. They decide to go on a double-date. The date starts off wrong when Ryan orders odd food from the exclusive restaurant. Bo gets called away and Ryan apologizes to Nate. He set up for an agent to meet with him about his music career.
  • The Morrigan shows up to offer Nate a recording contract. Nate leaves to get his guitar leaving Kenzi to face off with The Morrigan. Kenzi has to exchange a future favor to get The Morrigan to leave Nate alone. Unfortunately, Nate doesn't understand why she was no longer interested in him.
  • A young backpacker is found aged to death. Bo takes the case and her and Ryan work it together. She finds out there have been multiple backpacker deaths. They track them to an anti-aging center.
  • Bo goes to investigate, is captured, and the perpetrators start to take her youth. Ryan shows up and stops them. When Bo orders them to reverse the aging of their victims they refuse and Ryan turns on Bo. Ultimately, Bo convinces the younger sister what they are doing is wrong and she heals the victims.
  • Bo and Kenzi have a heart-to-heart about Ryan. Kenzi wants Bo to let him go because he is Dark Fae, but Bo doesn't commit.
  • Bo goes to see Ryan and they talk about their relationship. He can't give up the Dark and questions her loyalty to the Light. He gives her a present -- the hostess from the restaurant. They hook up with Ryan joining the two women.
Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Bo: I didn't know you were coming.
Kenzi: I didn't either.

Bo, are you done playing doctor?