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  • Marisol, the head of a noble Fae clan, is found charred to death. Hale is called to investigate, but since he is from another clan he passes the investigation off to Dyson and Bo.
  • Hale's father is hosting an important Fae event, the Inverell. Hale asks Kenzi to pretend to be his girlfriend for the event. She agrees and he takes her to meet his family. They are rude and dismissive of her because she is a human. She leaves, but she decides to show up for the event any way.
  • Bo figures out that Hale's father is involved in the Fae deaths and is probably the next target. He admits that remaining three noble Fae clans made a deal with the Cherufe to eliminate the fourth clan, the Scafati family. But, the three remaining clans reneged on their deal, which is why the Cherufe was now after them.
  • Nate is upset that Kenzi is going out with Hale. She tries to tell him the truth, but lies. He shows up at the Inverell and they make up. Hale's sister, Val, sees them together. And, when Kenzi leaves takes her voice.
  • Val forces herself on Dyson. He initially resists, but then gives into his urges and they have sex. Hale walks in on them and dismisses Dyson. Hale later punches Dyson and then tells Bo that he won't work with him anymore.
  • Kenzi is attacked by the Cherufe in the kitchen, but can't yell for help because her voice is gone. Bo shows up and uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the fire creature. Bo then enters the party and reveals to the Fae there that she destroyed the Cherufe, but that a greater threat is there -- The Garuda. She asks them to work together, but they refuse.
  • Hale leaves with Bo and Kenzi, but his father stops and offers his help.
  • Lauren comes to help Bo with the case and brings Nadia with her. They are all awkward. Bo finds Nadia snooping at her weapons, but agrees to not tell Lauren about it. Later, Lauren finds Nadia cutting her hand. Nadia doesn't remember doing it. When Lauren and Nadia hug, Nadia has a possessed look on her face.
Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

I could use a friend. A girlfriend.


Kenzi, you just killed my ice cream.