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  • Bo needs to heal and she has sex with Ryan. Afterward, Bo wants him to leave, but he wants to cuddle. He leaves, but sends her romantic gifts the next day.
  • Bo and Kenzi take a case. When snooping around, Bo is caught and a Water Fae erases her memory. She runs out leaving Kenzi behind.
  • Bo wanders around and Ryan finds her. He realizes she has lost her memory and proposes marriage and she says yes. They go to get married, but Bo wants to get a dress first. When she has sexual feelings for the dress girl, she tells Ryan she can't marry him. He has the Water Fae come and erase her memory again.
  • Just as Bo and Ryan say "I do." Trick and Kenzi show up. They are able to stop the wedding. Trick gives Bo a potion to return her memory. Trick realizes that Ryan is also under a spell and with Kenzi's help reverses it.
  • Bo has a heart-to-heart with Trick when they get back to his bar. She realizes that it was her blood that put Ryan under a spell. She tells Trick that he's going to come clean and tell her  the full truth after they fight the Garuda.
  • The Ash asks Dyson to interrogate an Under Fae prisoner, who was responsible for causing suicides. He unsuccessfully tries to get Dyson to kill himself by discussing his angst. Instead, Dyson gets the Under Fae to confess his guilt.
  • The situation causes Dyson to reflect on his pain and he takes off on his motorcycle.
Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

A blouse? You monster!


Come on, Bo. I just want to cuddle.