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A babysitter, Lisa, contacts Bo and Kenzi from an old flyer they had put up for their investigation business. She asks them to look into mysterious disappearances in her gated community. She fears that people are being killed. Bo and Kenzi go undercover and infiltrate a lady's book club. While out walking with Lisa, Bo figures out that it's her, the babysitter, that is doing the killing. With Trick's help, they identify Lisa as a dead Fae that is being controlled into killing. Bo gets invited into the witch coven that is controlling Lisa. She's about to kill Sam when Bo shakes things up in the witch circle and Kenzi is with Lisa to stop her. The power of the circle is overtaken by an outside source who speaks to Bo and then the two other witches are killed. Lisa decides she can't continue to be controlled and Bo sucks her chi out and kills her.


Dyson and Tamsin are investigating a missing person case and come upon a killing field. It's a mass grave of Fae. They find the Fae responsible for killing Riley proving that it wasn't Bo. Someone or SomeFae is a serial Fae killer and he/she was watching the field while Dyson and Tamsin were investigating.

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Book Club Lady: If it's getting hard something's wrong.
Kenzi: I always say the opposite. If it's getting soft ... am I right?

Maybe taking the suburbs by storm is just what the doctor ordered.