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- Lauren works with Isaac on a cure, but finds out that he is using her research against the Fae. Isaac has Dyson kidnapped and forces him to fight his Fae enemy. Isaac wants to become a Fae using Dyson's DNA. When Lauren finds out, Isaac locks her up.


- Tamsin is falling apart. She's not showering, drunk, and has an odd affection for Bo. They head to the compound where Lauren and Dyson are and Tamsin is shot by security.


- The Morrigan uses Dyson's kidnapping and Lauren's enzyme against Hale to force a vote against Hale. The Fae vote for her and she declares a war against Humans.


- Hale tells Kenzi how he feels about her and then takes her into custody for being a Human. He gives her the safety talisman from his father.


- Trick gets kidnapped.

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

I don't have time to play relationship detective.


Why would anyone leave their cell phone at home? Ever?