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- It's Dawning time for Bo. As she is ready to enter the Temple, she is asked to pick a side before she can choose a weapon. She refuses to align herself with either side and understands she will face the Dawning without a weapon. 

- Dyson volunteers to be her hand. At first Bo refuses, but then gives in at the insistence of her friends, including Lauren. They arrive in the Temple and face a creature. Dyson steps in front of Bo and she gets irritated. He declares his love for her and the creatures shows up again and Bo disappears with a key.

- Dyson searches for Bo. And, ends up in her vision. They are married and having a baby. Bo is police partners with Lauren. And, Bo is taking anti-psychotic drugs. He insists that she still take them, when she wants to stop.

- After revealing she is pregnant, Dyson's mind clears and he realizes it's all a dream. He pulls her out of this vision and insist that she kill him. When she won't he turns into a wolf and threatens the "baby." Bo stabs Dyson. He is the key.

- Bo refuses to leave him behind and creates a key or portal with his blood and transports them back to the Dal. When Lauren isn't able to revive him, Bo uses her power to suck chi out of her friends and uses it to revive Dyson. She is relieved that she is able to save him. Lauren looks on with a concerned look.

- Bo's father was in her vision. She saw Aife abduct her as a child. And, she also presumably referenced him when she revived Dyson. At the end, Trick saw an image and said, "Not him." Could Bo's father be returning?

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

I will not murder for pleasure.


I'm really glad you and Bo are in such a good place.

Dyson [to Lauren]