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- After training for the Dawning, Bo has a night off. She heads out for lunch with Tamsin before she has plans to go to an awards ceremony for Lauren. When a fight nearly broke out, Bo and Tamsin run out with the help of a Fae, Balzac. Bo says she owes him one for helping them and shakes his hand. That seals a deal and she is forced to help him in a mission.


- At the Dal, a machine shows up and before she left Bo fiddled with the controls. It is the game Bo must play in order to get an invitation to the Temple. Trick uses the machine to determine the obstacles in Bo's way. She follows the path until she finds and saves the crying girl and brings her back to the Dal. She was the final piece of the game. Her tears open up the invitation to the Temple.


- Bo misses Lauren's ceremony because of the game and gets to her house too late. Lauren left for a night out with another scientist. Throughout the game, Bo and Tamsin got closer and even kissed because Trick's kiss affected the machine. As Tamsin was leaving she found a "Wanderer" card on the ground. It was the same one that Bo was given during the game. Tamsin is upset that Bo seems to be this "Wanderer."

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

If you are a cricket, I'll totally kill you.


And, Dyson told you about his fleas?