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In the aftermath of a freak storm, Bo, Dyson and Tamsin are searching the streets for people to help. Meanwhile the ancient Fae woman inhabiting the body of the elevator crash victim is calling upon the eyeless oracles.

Lauren is at the clinic helping the wounded but a blackout hinders her efforts. Bo stays to help her, while Tamsin and Dyson head back out into the storm's devastation. 

At the Dal, Trick, Mark and Vex are also amid a blackout. We learn the story of the ancients, who are Zeus, Hera and Iris, the rainbow god. 

Vex tries to steal some of Trick's booze, but Mark catches him in the act. Vex is surprised when Mark makes a move on him. They hook up, to Vex's surprise. 

With power out at the clinic, the cage of the ancient Fae that Evony left with Lauren is running dangerously low on power. When the power runs out, nothing seems to happen.

In case Evony is listening, Lauren puts on music and dances with Bo, telling her that she is not working for Evony but for herself. They hook up and Tamsin walks in on them in time to see, although they are unaware.

Dyson finds "Kevin" at Alicia's house, assuming the role of her dead husband whose body he has taken. Dyson takes his statement and it is revealed that it is Hera, not Zeus, who is inhabiting Kevin's body. Before he can kill Alicia, Alicia stabs him. 

Lauren and Bo realize the Fae monster is invisible. When they come upon Evony and Vex trying to find the cure, they decide to use Evony to draw the creature out. 

After letting Alicia sleep at his place, Dyson is approached by Bo (at least he believes it to be Bo). They talk about their relationship and assumedly hook up. 

Meanwhile, Evony draws out the Fae creature, who we learn is Eros, another ancient Fae/godlike creature who strung Evony along at one point. Lauren manages to kill him.

At the Dal, Trick is approached by Isabo, but when Mark walks in, she is revealed to be the three eyeless oracles who have been chanting "only in the dark, can we see the light." 

Trick realizes that the oracles have been using the person who their heart most desires to gain access to the light AKA Bo's blood. 

When the oracles finally come for Bo, they appear first as Dyson and then as Lauren, before manifesting as Hades himself. Trick steps and Bo confesses to him that Hades is her father and that she lit the candle at Persephone's request. She brought the ancients here. 

In the end, the woman from the elevator crash, who we now know to be Zeus, kills Cassie. 

Vex and Mark unwind with a game of beer pong and Vex is s little surprised at his heart's desire. 

Tamsin confronts Bo and tells her that she is fine with her succubus ways, if she can just say once that her heart belongs to Tamsin. Bo can't say that and Tamsin leaves upset.

As Bo blows out Persephone's candle, the flame is reignited. 


Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

If Zeus and his ancient bunch are wreaking havoc in our colony's skies, why am I stuck here in Cheers with you lot? I feel like I've picked the worst lane in the shittiest traffic of all time.


Bo: Please tell me this thing is about to unleash a lifetime supply of fro-yo.
Lauren: Try one of the oldest and most dangerous Fae to ever walk the Earth.