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Jin regains consciousness and sees young Ben on the ground. Miraculously, Ben isn’t dead.

Jin takes Ben back to camp, where Horace is organizing a search party to go after the escaped Hostile (Sayid) as well as the mole from the DHARMA initiative who helped him escape.

Kate helps Roger Linus fix a car as Jin drives up. Roger rushes to his son's side.


Shortly after the Oceanic 6 came back, Kate is driving around with baby Aaron. She pulls up to a nice house - Cassidy’s.

Kate’s there to drop off money and check up on Clementine, which we now know is Sawyer whispered to her in the chopper.

Kate gives her some money and tells her the truth about Sawyer still being alive, but continues to lie about being Aaron’s mother.


Horace learns that Sayid’s cell was opened using a janitor’s key, of which there are only three sets. That sends Sawyer to Roger Linus.

When Roger can't find his keys, Sawyer figures out that Ben stole them, helped Sayid escape, and then got shot by Sayid later on.

Sayid has Miles lock Jack, Kate and Hurley in a house so no one asks them questions they can't answer while he goes to check on Ben.

Juliet is trying to repair the bleeding, but it's severe, and she says she needs a real surgeon - and you know where this is going.

Jack is unmoved by the irony of having Kate beg him to perform surgery on Ben a second time, and this time he is apathetic and refuses.

Whatever happens will happen, he says, because the Island wants it to.

But is that even how it works? Hurley and Miles engage in a debate about time travel that mirrors what many fans have done all season.

Hurley thinks he’s going to disappear, Back to the Future style, because they’ve changed the future by possibly killing young Ben.

Miles assures him that whatever happened already happened, so Sayid always shot Ben - they just don't know how it all turns out yet.

Hurley is still skeptical, and Miles explains that this IS the present for them, but it’s already happened, and that they can die, but the people for whom this is the past can not.

Hurley points out, however, that if this always happened, why did Ben not recognize Sayid when he was held captive after the Oceanic 815 crash.

Miles is stumped.

Kate is pissed Jack won’t help, so she goes off to donate some of her blood to Ben. Roger figures out his son busted Sayid out of the cell.

He admits what a terrible father he is, and says that a boy needs his mother, who died on the day he was born.

Ben takes another turn for the worse, and if Jack won’t help, Juliet offers another suggestion: taking Ben to the Others for help.

Kate is all for it and heads for the jungle in a DHARMA van, while Juliet says she'll give her as big a head start as she can before she Sawyer asks and she has to tell him where she went.

Juliet then barges in on Jack in the shower to yell at him for not helping Ben. She asks why he came back, and he says he doesn't know yet - but he's still unmoved at the prospect of aiding Ben.


The scene is the pier the night Ben and the others went to see Ms. Hawking. Kate leaves with Aaron and we see them at the grocery store.

Kate goes to get him a juice box and looks down an aisle, but when she turns around, Aaron is missing. She freaks out, but a woman who looks just like Claire finds him and all is well.

This experience sends her to visit Cassidy and tell her that the rest of the Oceanic 6 are planning to try and go back to the Island.

Cassidy helps Kate realize that she needed to take Aaron to fill the void left in her heart when Sawyer jumped out of the helicopter.

Kate goes to Claire’s mom's, Carol, hotel room and tells her that Aaron is her grandson and that Claire is alive.

Kate tries to explain why she pretended Aaron was hers before leaving Aaron with his grandma so she can go back to find Claire.

Carol is shocked but apparently goes along with it, as Kate cries and says goodbye to Aaron, who is sleeping peacefully in the hotel room next door.


Sawyer catches up to Kate and tells her he plans to help take little Ben to the Hostiles / Others. They talk about Cassidy and Clementine, and Cassidy's theory that he jumped out of the helicopter because he was afraid of what would happen if he didn't.

The Others soon surround them with guns because Sawyer broke the truce, but Sawyer says saving young Ben’s life is more important and demands they take him to Richard Alpert.

Sawyer carries Ben until Richard comes out of nowhere. Sawyer is surprised to find out Richard apparently knows Ben in some fashion.

They ask Richard to save him, and Richard says he will, but if he does, Ben won’t remember this, his innocence will be gone, he will never be the same, and will always be one of them.

Another Other says Richard should talk to Ellie first, because he’ll be in trouble if Charles finds out. He says he doesn't answer to either.

Richard carries Ben into the jungle to the temple and goes inside.

Flash forward to Ben sleeping after the Ajira 316 crash. He wakes up and sees John Locke sitting next to him.

“Hello Ben,” Locke says. “Welcome back to the land of the living.”


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