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In the SIDEWAYS WORLD this week...

Ben sees Desmond waiting in the school parking lot again, as Locke returns to work. The former confronts the latter, who responds by punching him in the face a lot and saying he was trying to help Locke "let go." Whie this is happening, Ben sees flashes of Desmond beating him on the island.

Later, Ben tells Locke what happened and relays Desmond's words. This inspires Locke to ask Jack to fix him, after all, because that seems like the path destiny has chosen. As for Ben? Alex offers him a ride home, which leads to dinner with her and her mom: Danielle. Danielle bonds with Ben during it and he tears up when she says he's like a father to Alex, whose dad died years ago.

Desmond, meanwhile, turns himself in to the police. Specially, Sawyer. He's put into jail with Kate and Sayid and then the trio is moved to county prison. But Desmond has paid off the driver (Ana-Lucia!) to pull over and she lets the prisoners out. Hurley pulls up and gives her cash. He's fully enlightened now. He takes Sayid and Desmond takes Kate, telling her they have a concert to attend. It's safe to assume this stars Jack's son, as we heard about it earlier and also learned Jack's son's mother would be attending.


Ben, Richard and Miles reach the barracks. Widmore and Zoe are there. The latter is sent to her outrigger, but sees Locke approaching and returns. In response, Miles makes a run for it; Ben tells Widmore and Zoe they can hide out in his secret room; Richard goes out to speak with Locke, as does Ben. Almost instantly, Richard is picked up and taken away (killed?) by the smoke. Locke then arrives in human form, sits alongside Ben and casually says he has a lot of people for Ben to kill. Ben seems down with this.

He tells Locke where Zoe and Widmore are hiding. Upon finding them, Locke slashes Zoe's throat because Widmore told her not to speak. That makes her useless, Locke said. He proceeds to ask Widmore why is came to the island. In exchange for the information, Locke says he'll spare Penny's life. Widmore says he doesn't want to say a word in front of Ben, so Locke has him whisper - and Ben shoots him dead as he does. He doesn't get to save his daughter, Ben explains. Locke says it's cool: Widmore already told him what he wanted to know.

When Locke and Ben arrive at Desmond's well, Locke said Widmore said Desmond was a "fail safe" in case the candidates could not kill him. Desmond is also gone from the well, presumably thanks to Jack and company. Locke says this helps his plan, which is... to destroy the island.

Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley, meanwhile, are stopped by Jacob in the jungle. They can all see him, which is somehow due to child Jacob taking dead Jacob's ashes from Hurley. There's now a fire burning and when it's extinguished, Jacob tells them, he'll be gone forever. He reiterates what we've learned this season: that be brought them to the island because he mistakenly created Smokey, there's a light one of them must protect; and it's up to them who it is.

Jack volunteers. Jacob accepts. He goes through the same water drinking ceremony his mother held with him and says at the end of it that Jack is "like" him now.

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