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Omarion, Fizz and Soulja Boy meet up for a game of basketball and discuss their women troubles. 

Fizz wants Amanda to move in with him and when he asks her about it during a romantic outing, she does not give him the answer he is looking for. 

Soulja Boy looks to show Nia that he is ready to settle down with her by building a playpen for her daughter. Although she is wary of what will happen while he is on tour, she agrees to trust him for now. 

Omarion meets with his mother in an attempt to get her and Apryl to come together. When Leslie comes to Apryl's baby shower, the three of them sit down and Leslie immediately insults Apryl by telling her she doesn't believe she is ready to be a mother. Omarion is able to diffuse the situation for the time being. 

Hazel and Berg have a night together and the next morning she talks to him about them getting more serious. Berg tells her he's not interested in anything serious and would like them to slow things down. 

Later at an awards show, Hazel see Berg with a date and confronts him. Clearly upset, things escalate and Hazel throws her drink at him. 

Being friends with both Masika and Nikki, Morgan invites the two ladies to her house so they can clear the air about Mally Mal. Both claim to be with Mally Mal and after a lot of back and forth, Masika throws her drink at Nikki and the two begin to fight. 


Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood
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