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Mally Mal is looking to get back in Nikki's good graces and he invites her to a lavish lunch. At the lunch, he gifts her with the keys to his new condo. Nikki decides to forgive Mally for his fling with Masika, but insists that they confront her together. 

When Masika stops by Mally's condo, the two argue over Mally's lies and Nikki shows up while they're talking. Masika wishes them luck and on her way out Nikki pushes her, causing the two of them to push one another before Masika leaves. 

Earlier, Nikki met with Teairra who informed her that she witnessed Masika and Morgan looking at old pictures of Nikki before her nose job. Nikki decides to approach Morgan at Ray J's video shoot and the two begin to argue. Ray J breaks it up, but he accuses Morgan of being unprofessional. 

Later, when Morgan tells Ray J that she does not feel appreciated by him, he doesn't want to listen. He just insists that she continue to do her job and act professional.

Hazel continues to struggle with her feelings for Berg and when she finds out that Teairra and Berg are working together she sees that as the ultimate betrayal. She tells Berg how she feels and he tells her that all he cares about is the business and he doesn't want her getting her feelings involved. 

Omarion and Apryl decide to have a home water birth and Apryl decides it would be best for Miss Leslie to not be there as she may make things stressful. Omarion meets with Miss Leslie to tell her this and she takes the news badly. 

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood
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