Going Back to Ardham - Lovecraft Country
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Tic speaks a spell to save Diana. The Book of Names flips open to a page which bears Tic's birthmark. Then he and Leti collapse. They wake up in a safe place where Hanna counsels Tic while Leti learns from Tic's great grandmother Hattie about the Book. Hattie tells Leti she must be the protector of the Book. Next Tic connects with his mother Dora. All four of them concentrate on the spell which saves Diana, except one arm. Tic and Leti use a spell to resurrect Titus. He escapes and almost gets run over by Christina and Ruby's car. But the women combine to bring Titus back and Tic cuts away a piece of Titus's flesh. Christina shows up at Hippolyta's office unexpectedly. Christina offers to leave Tic and his family alone if he gives her the Book but he refuses. In spite, she removes Leti's invulnerability. Tic makes up with Ji-Ah. Leti asks Ruby to get her a piece of Christina. Leti and Tic get baptized before heading to Ardham. Ruby gives Leti Christina's transformation potion. Tic consumes pieces of Titus and Christina, with a chaser from Montrose. Then he heads to the ruins of Ardham Lodge. The natives capture him there. Christina had transformed herself into Ruby. She had caught Ruby trying to steal the potion and killed her. Montrose, Ji-Ah, and Hippolyta are surrounded and overcome on the bridge. Christina throws Leti out of the tower. Tic is strapped into Christina's contraption. She appears with the Book. Christina slices Tic's arms then bathes in his blood. Leti's invulnerability returns. Tic passes out. Leti tries stabbing Christina but she's immortal now. Ji-Ah uses her tentacles to connect Tic and Christina. Christina loses her immortality but Tic is dead. Dee kills Christina with her bionic hand. 

Lovecraft Country
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Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

You gonna save them all.

Hanna [to Tic]

The answer is in your blood.

Hanna [to Tic]