Finding Sanctuary - Lovecraft Country
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Uncle George and Leti are enjoying the amenities of Ardham Lodge, Leti trying on outfits and George hitting the library. Tic, however, is suspicious. Tic quizzes William about Montrose's whereabouts but William is elusive. Leti and George don't remember the previous night's monsters. The trio realized they are being kept at the lodge. Their car Woody has been restored. They go to town and find a stone tower full of food. They decide Montrose is being held in its basement. On the way back to the lodge, they are surrounded by monsters. Christina Braithwaite's whistle calls them off. Tic meets Samuel Braithwaite. Then Christina explains the situation to Tic. He gets her to remove the amnesia spell on George and Leti. But other spells trap them in the lodge. Leti, Tic, and George all hallucinate imaginary lovers, to amuse Samuel's guests from the Order of the Ancient Dawn.  When they're freed from their rooms for dinner, George tells them he's discovered something that they could use. Tic is the last descendent of Titus Braithwaite. So he orders everyone but Samuel out of the dinner. Samuel, who isn't an Order zealot, refuses to return Montrose. They race to the tower but Montrose had already dug his way to freedom. They find him, and he says he never wrote to Tic. But they drive into a ward on the bridge out of town. Samuel shoots Leti and George. Tic cooperates with Samuel's ceremony after Samuel agrees to heal Leti and George afterward. Montrose tells George about being abused by their father. George informs Montrose Tic might not be his son. Samuel uses Tic to power his portal to take him back to the beginning of creation. Tic sees his ancestor Hanna. The brothers turn to stone and the lodge collapses. George didn't survive.

Lovecraft Country
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Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Tic: William, is it?
William: That is correct, Mr. Freeman. I wasn't sure that you would remember. You were a little out of sorts when you arrived this morning.

George: I could stay in there reading all day.
Tic: I wonder if that's the point.