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Don is at Betty's house making the kids milkshakes. Betty shares that she's going to go back to school to get her masters in psychology in the fall. Before he leaves, Don looks back at what used to be his family and hesitates before walking out.

When he gets home, his other wife is on the phone. Megan's movers will be there soon and oh by the way, she's out of money. She just wants to get the divorce over with so can he please sign the papers?

At the office, Roger asks his assistant to come in and she brings in help. She can't do it alone. 

Don's assistant is chatting with Harry about the Manson killings just before he chats with Don about Megan coming to town. Eerie! Megan wants to take Harry to lunch when he comes to town.

Don goes to dinner at a restaurant where Diana is working. He seems to know where she is all the time but she's not interested, so she says.

Peggy turns Stan down for a Vermouth job.

Diana calls Don while he's asleep. She doesn't know anybody in New York. It's so strange to see somebody she knows. He waited a little, maybe too long, and she was gone. She had gone home to Racine to get divorced. They're in the same boat, so to speak. He asks her to come over. 

When she comes, they talk about their marriages and kids. She says she has none, until the next morning when she see's Sally's room. Then she reveals she had a little girl who died two years ago, from the flu, can you imagine?

Don decides not to get ready for work. He doesn't feel like it. He holds her on Sally's bed.

Peggy takes Stan to the Vermouth sales photography session. It's very strange. She later shows up at Stan's office and offers to take a look at his work. 

Megan is back and her sister is in town, too. 

Don and Diana run into Arnold and Sylvia in the elevator. Awkward. Diana wonders how many girls he's had in that elevator. 

Stan worries that he has nothing to show the photographer. His girlfriend starts disrobing. He want's sensual, she'll give him sensual.

Diana has a twinge in her chest. It's not pain or hunger. I suppose she's falling in love. He has forgotten that Megan is coming to get her things and he tells her in the morning they have to get out of there. He also tells her it shouldn't bother her because it's almost over. 

Megan and her family have an argument over getting divorced. I a round about way they call her a whore and say she has brought shame on the family. Megan leaves her mother in charge of the final arrangements and leaves the apartment for the last time.

Megan's mother doesn't have enough cash for the movers and Don isn't available so she asks for Roger to come and bring cash. The reason there isn't enough is because Marie cleaned him out. 

Stan is developing the photos of his girl and Pima decides she's not worthy of him. She can see it in her eyes. She says she doesn't want to tell him the truth. She expected more.

When Roger gets to the apartment, he can't believe Don agreed to this. That's putting it mildly. 

Harry has advice for Megan, and he also has a soft spot for her. While she's willing to take his advice, he also wants more from her that she doesn't quite see at first. When he tells her she's in her situation because of how she's reacting to his proposal, she storms out. She storms right back to Don's and discovers what her mother did.

Harry had the nerve to tell Don that Megan will be saying crazy things about him and she's crazy. He probably couldn't help her anyway since she quit her soap and left New York.

Pima goes over the photos with Peggy and says she could take her photo, and she'd capture her and the way she's looking at her right now, which sends shivers up Peggy's spine.

Megan is cold as ice at the divorce attorney's office. When she calls Don an aging, sloppy, selfish, liar, he writes her a check for a million dollars. She goes from wanting nothing from him to taking the cash. She gives him his ring back and asks that he send her the papers.

Stan tells Peggy about Pima and she realizes Pima's a hustler who used the same trick on the both of them. She's more about advertising than art, after all. Stan doesn't believe her. 

Megan's sister is crying. Their mother is leaving Papa and staying in New York to be with a man. Megan says their mother has been very unhappy for a very long time. At least she's done something about it.

When Don goes to see Diana, she tells him he doesn't want this. She doesn't want this. She assures him she doesn't want to feel. She had a second daughter that she left in Racine with her father. When she was with Don, she forgot about her other daughter and she doesn't ever want to do that. 

Don goes home to see his entire apartment cleaned out. He has nothing.

Mad Men
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Mad Men Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Don: Who are you hiding from?
Roger: I've got two secretaries and three telephones. I feel like Marlon Perkins is chasing me on the Savannah. Hiding is pointless.

Diana: What do you want?
Don: I want to eat dinner with you, even if it's five minutes at a time.