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A family breakfast is interrupted by gunfire. As his family huddles underneath the dining room table, Jack Wellington, the American Ambassador in Yemen, stares out the window as protestors gather, waving signs and guns. Elizabeth fears the unrest will only grow and wants the Ambassador to return stateside, but he refuses.

Her request for military support to protect the Ambassador is denied by the President, along with her request to remove him from Yemen.

While Elizabeth is trying to figure out a solution to avoid this becoming another Benghazi, another problem arises when her eldest daughter is arrested. It's front page news as the press speculates as to why the public was unaware Stephanie "Stevie" McCord existed until now.

Family tensions increase when Stevie abruptly quits college and returns home, much to her parents dismay. Eventually, Stevie shares why quitting was her only option. After some debate, Elizabeth and Henry agree she can take a year off from school, but must find a job.

Elizabeth decides to hire a private security firm to protect Ambassador Wellington, even though a year ago she wrote a blistering article comparing private security to Satan's army. A team of 50 men arrive in Yemen and quell the protestors with a strong show of force as they order protestors to their knees. 

Ambassador Wellington talks to Elizabeth via video conference to assure her that everything is fine. Midway through their conversation, there is a loud bang and the signal is lost. The embassy has been bombed.

Fearing the worst, Elizabeth gathers with the President and key members of his Cabinet, including the owner of the private security firm. Fortunately, the private security team did their job and saved Ambassador Wellington.

Now relaxing at home, Elizabeth reminisces about her former CIA colleague, George, with Stevie. When asked how he was killed, Elizabeth hesitates briefly and lies, saying it was a car accident.


Madam Secretary
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