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On Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 13, the political side of Elizabeth's career took a backseat when Henry gets news his father Patrick had passed away. The McCord family heads to Henry's home town for the funeral and is greeted by his siblings, but his sister Maureen seems to be angry with Henry. Maureen tells Henry he needs to go down to the police station to get papers on Patrick's death, but Henry is surprised to learn Patrick took his own life. Henry shared the news with his siblings and they have a whole range of emotions. Maureen is the most angry because she had been there on a daily basis and never noticed anything was wrong with Patrick. 

Jason does some digging into Patrick's life because he wanted to know what would make him commit suicide. Jason finds out Patrick was having an online relationship with a woman who was using Patrick for money and swindling him. Henry finds out and he realizes Patrick took his own life because he felt like he had no way out because the person took all the money he had saved. Henry shares this information with Maureen, but she turns it around on Henry and tells him Patrick felt like Henry turned his back on him and she blames him for their father's death. Elizabeth suggests they go out for a walk and she tells Henry that Patrick knew Henry loved him and his final phone call to them was a goodbye. 

Meanwhile, at the funeral, Henry stands up and speaks and asks for forgiveness from his family. Maureen accepts his apology and the siblings are able to mourn their father in peace.

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Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

I think the first time you brought me home to meet your family you said, I'm sorry about Maureen.


See I wanted, China wins because they bribe everyone, but Treasury shut me down.