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On Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 14, President Dalton asks Elizabeth to look into the recent uranium heist. Elizabeth gets her team on the case and they do some digging into who is trying to steal the uranium and where it is currently being held. They enlist the help of a man named Walter who is able to help them look past the noise of everything and look at the hard truth. Jay is at first reluctant to take Walter's information, but is convinced to look at the case the way Walter does. Elizabeth brings this information to President Dalton and they're able to track down the uranium and get it secured, but unfortunately aren't able to figure out who was planning on buying the uranium.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth also had to deal with two American girls leaving Ohio to join a terrorist group. When the girls arrived in Saudi Arabia they were quickly taken by government officials and Elizabeth is determined to get them back. Elizabeth talks with the Prince of Saudi Arabia and she lays all her cards on the table, but he tries to tell her the girls are working against the Saudi Arabia government and were put there to attack officials, but Elizabeth doesn't believe him. Elizabeth is able to get the girls back, but Jay gives her some surprising information. After doing some digging, they find out the terrorist group the girls were going to join was behind the uranium heist. Elizabeth put two and two together and figures out there is a target on a woman named Nora who is at a speaking engagement and who's on the terrorist's list. Elizabeth is able to clear almost everyone out of the banquet hall before a bomb goes off injuring people. Henry jumps into action and tries to help those who were injured, but doesn't realize he has been exposed to radiation poisoning. 

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A little early in the morning for the worst of humanity.


Oh come on, they couldn't join the girl scouts?