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Elizabeth struggles with both public and private responses after she is groped by the Filipino president. At first she frets about the negative repercussions about punching Andrada, but after a day or two, she starts to get angry. She still finds herself unable to speak out about what he did, even after finding other victims and trying to get them to speak out instead. One of the women that had been identified as a victim ends up flying to the US and asking to speak to Elizabeth personally. She reveals that her payoff wasn't for being sexually assaulted but because she was privy to payoffs from the Chinese government. This information allows Elizabeth to blackmail Andrada into reversing his stance of booting the US Military out of the Philippines and publicly recommitting to the Singapore deal, as well as providing her with a way to stop his assassination at his military's hands. He confronts her after the press conference, claiming that they are now even, but she stands up to him, saying that she will go public about his actions someday, and that day will be sooner rather than later if she hears that he has assaulted any more women.

Elizabeth instructs Jay to investigate Kevin/Joseph and what he was working on before his demise -- to basically run a secret investigation concurrent to the CIAs. Once he digs into things, he has to reach out to an old classmate for information, and she ends up hitting on him. Based on her information, it becomes apparent to both he and Elizabeth that someone was using legitimate military aid packages to cover up arms smuggling. Elizabeth goes to the CIA director with this info and strong arms him into letting her in on the investigation.

After Ian fails to check in, Henry has to talk the FBI out of scrubbing the op and raiding the compound. They finally get word from Ian, and he thinks he's located where the bomb is being stored. Agents assist in creating a diversion so that Ian can gain access to the shed, where he finds a large military grade drone instead of the weapon. Unfortunately, not all of the militia men were distracted, and he is caught. The two men fight, and Ian kills the man, driving his body out to his meet with Henry in the back of his truck. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Russell [after hearing that Elizabeth punched President Andrada of the Philliphines]: I know this doesn't bode well for the Singapore Interchange. Then again, Sugar Ray McCord has put the world on notice about how we deal with bullies.
Elizabeth: That's not funny, Russell.
Russell: I'm not kidding. It's badass.

Oh. Russell Jackson. "WHN." [whispers] WHN? [exclaims] Uh White House Now! Oh, for the halcyon days when he used to spell everything out.

Elizabeth [checking texts]