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Russell is totally focused on the campaign, which currently means freaking out about getting on the ballot in Ohio and Minnesota. Because of a bombing in Rome, Dalton has been pulled off the campaign trail, and Russell sends Elizabeth to an NFL event in his place to do some non-campaigning campaigning. They run into the bird watcher donor that Elizabeth ticked off at the earlier fundraiser, as well as the head of a messaging app who wants Elizabeth's help getting around telecom usage taxes in Africa. 

The undersecretary for Africa and her entire department are pissed because nobody in the Dalton administration is paying attention to an election in Angola, which the sitting president is attempting to rig through intimidation and abuse of power. They collectively sign a dissent memo about the U.S.'s current policy in the region.  Elizabeth isn't able to levy economic sanctions against Angola because suspending agricultural trade would piss off farmers in Ohio and Minnesota. When Elizabeth calls to threaten the president, he basically hangs up on her. After the dissent memo is leaked and the situation in Angola gains media attention, she starts working with her undersecretary on some non-traditional carrot-and-stick incentives. They get the leading candidate freed from house arrest, but then the president moves the military and police forces to surround polling places and cuts off the state controlled internet. Elizabeth finds a way around this by getting in contact with the tech CEO she met in OH and getting him to set up a temporary free internet situation by piggybacking off of Malawi's internet. The people of Angola are able to document the anti-democratic practices of their president, which forces him into allowing the elections to go forward unimpeded, and the people's choice is elected. 

Henry and Jose get wind of some various artifacts being sold on the black market and manage to identify and interrogate a French archeologist who is facilitating the sale of a reliquary from Algeria. Because she has not yet met with any of the HS players, they decide to send in a CIA operative in her place. They find a woman who can speak French with a passable accent and who looks similar to the real archeologist. Jose doesn't want to send her in because she's a new agent, but Henry insists, thinking that she'll work harder to prove herself. After her meeting with the HS operatives, it seems that she passed the initial tests and that all is going well, but then she is grabbed by men in an unmarked car as Black Dog Station watches from the Pentagon.

Jareth comes for a surprise visit. Stevie admits to Elizabeth that she had a terrible time in England -- that Jareth was a completely different person, and that she was miserable and didn't like who she was there either. Elizabeth urges her to come clean with Jareth, and when she does, they decide to live in the States. When Jareth's parent's find out that he's leaving his fellowship at Oxford, his father cuts him off. This leads to a revelation to Stevie that his family is titled and extremely wealthy. She starts to doubt their decision. She admits to Henry that she's afraid that Jareth will end up resenting her. He tells her that it's a real possibility and gives her a talk about how marriage is work, and you get out what you put in. Ultimately, the young couples issues are left unresolved. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Matt [proposing possible sanctions]: Agricultural imports. I mean, they get a ton of poultry and grain from us.
Daisy: Not sure how American farmers are going to feel about that.
Blake: Not as bad as the Angolans if we cut off their food supply.

I'm sensing an Eeyore footnote.