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A deal to facilitate a peaceful transfer of power falls apart when the cantankerous ambassador who brokered the deal dies the night before the signing. Elizabeth heads to Algeria in his place, but President Haddad accuses the US government of assassinating the ambassador, and then proceeds to execute the replacement leader in front of Elizabeth and her entourage. After his refusal to step down and his announcement of plans to attack a rebel stronghold where 50000 civilians live. Elizabeth helps put together a coalition to stop him. She finds out that Henry, Jose, and Jay had been working with Haddad's head general and childhood friend prior to the escalation of tensions, and she agrees to go back to Algeria. She instructs her security team to take her to the Algerian DOD where she tries to pleads her case to the general, suggesting that he take over leadership. When Haddad shows up and orders his friend's arrest, the general pulls a gun on him. He wins the security forces over to his side, and Haddad is taken into custody, to be delivered to the Hague for war crimes. 

Henry refocuses his anger and anxiety over the situation with the kids on an antiquities crisis in Algeria. Hiz al Shahib has been destroying artifacts and historical sights, and an important early monastery is next in their path. When he finds out that the state department has a program to save UNESCO sites, but that the program has no funding, he approaches Jose about using discretionary anti terrorism funds to help. He works with Jose and Jay to get an archeological team to Algeria, but things fall through when Haddad intends to send troop to the area to engage with the rebels. Later, when video tape of HS blowing up the church is released, Henry notices that the statues they were destroyed were fakes. He ends up joining Black Dog Station with the caveat that they'll be going after HS' black market antiquities dealings.

Jason doesn't take the news that he has to surrender his electronic devices very well. All the kids seem to know that there's more going on than their parents are telling them, but the girls comply. When Henry has to demand his password for the cell phone after Jason receives a subpoena from the FBI, Allison reveals that the real reason he's being difficult is to hide his secret instagram account. When the phone is unlocked, Henry and Elizabeth find out that Jason didn't listen to their no alcohol talk very attentively. He ends up getting grounded for two months, much to his chagrin. he finally starts taking things seriously when a SWAT team breaks into his classroom to arrest him. Somebody hacked into the school phone system to report that he had a gun. Elizabeth and Henry decide to come clean with the family when a threatening note is found in Jason's locker.

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Elizabeth: Where is Nadine?
Blake: She is on the phone in her office, ma'am. She waved me off like a thirsty fan boy when I tried to wrangle her.
Daisy: Does feel 20% less austere in here.

Alison: Very convincing, Mom.
Stevie: Hashtag "CIA training fail."
Jason: Hashtag "over hashtag jokes."