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The anniversary of the bombing of the US embassy in Uganda has Elizabeth and one of her advisors shook up. Elizabeth was working with the Bin Laden group at the CIA at the time of the bombing, and feels guilty they weren't able to prevent the attack. Peter Harriman was stationed at the embassy at the time, and the woman he was having an affair with died. In the present day, the president and the CIA want to lift the sanctions put in place against Sudan for harboring the architect of the attack so that the can build a CIA base in Khartoum. One of the forensic accountants at State finds that despite appearing to respond to the sanctions, there is evidence that Sudan is harboring the financier of the attack, long thought dead. Elizabeth calls the Sudanese foreign minister and drops the info as a misinformation tactic, which lures the target back to his villa and proves that the government is aware of his location. The CIA raids the villa and takes him into custody. The foreign minister is upset that the US operated on Sudanese soil without clearance, but Elizabeth basically blackmails him into allowing the base to be built by delaying the lifting of sanctions for a year. 

Daisy and Matt come up with a plan to circumvent Congress' plans to cut funding of embassy security: make a viral puppy video.  When they make an advance visit to the training facility, they meet an adorable puppy, Waffles, who is washing out of bomb sniffing school. Matt can't adopt the pup because of his building's bylaws, so he starts pushing the doggy onto Daisy. She objects because she's already got her hands full with a colicky Joanna. His arguments fall flat with her until he mentions that it would make him feel better to know that she and her daughter aren't alone. When they are back at the training facility with the Secretary to film the video, Daisy impulsively claims Waffles when Elizabeth starts to show interest. 

Piper and Jason are experiencing relationship troubles, and he's been ghosting her. Henry is upset that Jason is treating his girlfriend with more respect and insists that he breaks up with her in person even after Elizabeth tells him not to get involved. After chauffeuring Jason to Piper's house and making a fool of himself in front of her mother, nobody is more surprised than Henry when they find out the young couple didn't break up but rather redefined their boundaries. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Elizabeth [to Blake}: Henry and I are going to go eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the freezing cold park. This is what passes as a date night these days.
Henry: Don't wait up for us.

Elizabeth: What about the rest of them? The eighteen children crowded around the gate to their school down the block from where the bomb went off? Their teachers? The four nuns on their way to work at the AIDS hospice? We don't, we don't have the time to say their names aloud too?
Matt: Of course we do, Ma'am.
Elizabeth: Damn right we do.