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Elizabeth is shocked when her ambassador to Kyrgyzstan is sent home, and even more shocked when she finds out it's because the ambassador was having an affair with the Kyrgyzstani president's brother-in-law. The affair gives the president cover to back out of the human trafficking summit that Jay organized and that president didn't want to be a part of anyway. Henry, who recently bullied Morejon into extra funding to investigate the GRU support of the Taliban, gets brought into things when it turns out that the brother-in-law was also a Russian spy. Henry's division gets the go ahead to expand their operations, and he heads to Afghanistan. Henry figures out that his team is compromised when he sees a picture of the Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan in the Ambassador to Afghanistan's office, and remembers that spy software was found on her computer. He and his team manage to avoid being blown up. Elizabeth and Jay are able to leverage the brother-in-law's relationship with the GRU into a threat to sanction the Kyrgyz president unless he pulls the summit back together. 

Allison has been procrastinating on her design midterm because she doubts herself, Henry gives her a plagiarized pep talk and she gets things back on track. She recruits Stevie to be her model because she forgot to book one, and Stevie breaks down because of stage fright and tells Allie that she and Jareth broke up. 

Jay adjusts to his new role as chief of staff with a little guidance from Matt. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Russell: Pro tip: When you're trying to reassure, don't use a metaphor for nuclear holocaust.

I can't decide which is worse, sleeping with a foreign president's brother-in-law or being dumb enough to get caught.