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Elizabeth worries that she's not fun anymore and that she and Henry don't have any couple friends. Henry reaches out to their old friends, the Rasmussens, but is brushed off. Impulsively, he arranges a dinner with Piper's parents. Things end up going well until an entitled businessman the State Department is working with stops by the house without an invitation. Elizabeth worries that she scared off the Boroumands. She and Henry surprise their old friends by stopping by unannounced while they "are in the neighborhood"--with a giant cheese and wine basket. All is forgiven and their old friends invite them in. 

While preparing for the signing of a Central American security treaty, Elizabeth has to talk to the president of Honduras and make sure that she won't be pulling out of the deal in an attempt to distance herself from the US because of an upcoming election. President Tejeda tries to negotiate for the early release of the aid money, but gets nowhere with Elizabeth. Immediately after the signing, Tejeda informs Elizabeth that a group of NGO workers has been kidnaped by a violent gang, and one of the workers is an American. Jay is tasked with explaining to the parents that the US doesn't negotiate with gangs or terrorists, and they don't take the news very well. The father is employed by a billionaire, and he offers to put up the ransom money. But it turns out that the captors have no way to accept his funds. This sets off some warning bells, and an FBI agent arrives with information that confirms that something's amiss. The hostages weren't taken into gang territory, but onto government property, to a military facility controlled by Tejeda's secret service. Dalton is outraged and demands the girl be returned in six hours. Tejeda has the hostages "released" and then claims Dalton's words to her as her own in an attempt to make her look strong to her constituency. Dalton, Russell, and Elizabeth debate outing her. Dalton and Russell want to keep what they know secret, both because Tejeda is still a better option for US interests than her challenger and because they now have leverage over her. Elizabeth decides to go public with the information anyway. 

Matt has broken up with Ronnie after she received a posting to Japan. His mother is anxious that he's still not married and is setting him up on blind dates with Pakistani women. He agrees to a date, and ends up liking the woman, but her ex shows up in the middle of their dinner. Apparently they both loved each other (and still do), but were torn apart by her not wanting to disappoint her family. Matt sits them down and gives them a talking to, not seeing the irony of the situation. He eventually figures it out and chases Ronnie down before she can leave for the airport, and they decide to give it another go despite the distance. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Jay: President Tejadas is only up by two.
Blake: Over an ex-soccer player who hates America.
Matt: There is so much more to Maynor Fonsea that that. He's also semi-literate.

Elizabeth: We used to have a regular Cranium night with them!
Henry: You used to make people cry at Cranium.
Elizabeth: Look, it's not my fault I can still spell backwards after two drinks.