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Elizabeth rehearses her speech about the climate change crisis for her staff. She says we have to act now or the consequences can never be undone.

Daisy thinks the speech is too depressing. Elizabeth agrees with Matt that people need to hear this message. An ambassador's speech apparently needs to be reined in.

Nina interrupts with an urgent call. The ambassador of Poland says no more immigrants, it will put a strain on the economy. Elizabeth says this is not about his economy, it's about catering to a xenophobic fringe. He says if he doesn't give in, his government will fall and they will have no ally at all. Elizabeth says without Poland, the whole global agreement will fall apart.

Matt thanks Blake for his feedback. He wants him to give a speech to Herman (the ambassador) on the fifth floor.

Allie and Stevie meet for lunch. Allie is apparently dating a guy named Lucas. Lucas is Morejon's son.

Nina gives Herman the notes and he complains about Matt's feedback 

Elizabeth says the anti-immigrant coalition must be stronger than she thought if Poland is this scared. Meanwhile, the rest of Eastern Europe is pulling out of the agreement. The conference will be a waste if they don't do something.

Elizabeth talks to an academic who is Polish and pro-immigration. She asks her to speak.

Someone drives by and shoots at Elizabeth's friend.

Dalton says the woman is in surgery but will live. 

The Polish government swears that it will not stand for this attack on free speech and is investigating the shooting. There are two extremists who are believed to be the shooters. Anyway, the Polish government rejects US help because the shooters have not been apprehended yet.

Elizabeth says the Polish ambassador lied to her and Lena is still in danger. Lena is a US resident but also a Polish citizen so they can't just take her away from Polish.

Russell and Elizabeth argue. Another advisor agrees with Russell. Henry says they will look like hypocrites as Dalton stands for not turning a blind eye to others' suffering.

Two undercover operatives sneak Lena out of the hospital in an ambulance. There is a blockade and the Polish police threaten to shoot two ambulance drivers. When they get inside Lena is not there. She has been smuggled into Germany.

Russell is worried about how this will play out on the world stage, especially with the conference coming up.

Everyone is talking at once in the elevator. There are a ton of people who want to know what's going on.

A NATO rep comes to see Elizabeth. Poland is claiming that the US attacked Poland. Elizabeth says this is not what Article 5 is for. The rep agrees but says NATO needs unity to be effective. He wants her to smooth things over with Poland regardless of what it takes. He leaves and Elizabeth wants an intelligence update before she does anything. She asks her about Herman and Nina claims that he was gracious.

Poland won't talk about anything if Lena isn't returned. Kat says they tried to murder Lena. Elizabeth and the Polish President get into a verbal war where Elizabeth threatens to go public with the cover up if Demko doesn't resign and he threatens to leak to the media that the US kidnapped a Polish citizen.

Congress doesn't think the intelligence on Poland is valid, including Morejon. They aren't interested in sanctioning Poland. 

Herman tells Elizabeth he has a new draft of his speech. Elizabeth says she knows he wasn't nice to Nina because she said he was gracious. Elizabeth wants him to make things right with Nina.

Blake comes in and says he saw a piece about Alison and Lucas Morejon. Elizabeth knew nothing about it.

There is a family meeting. Jason thinks this is funny. Elizabeth does not.  Henry says since Elizabeth is running for President they are all under scrutiny. Everyone is upset.

Callahan goes on a talk show to promote himself. Russell says Elizabeth owns the fallout from Lena's extraction.

Henry goes to see Morejon. Morejon says Elizabeth must be worried he's going to use info gained from Alison. Henry says that sounds silly and he's worried about the kids. Morejon says his first race, everyone attacked his family with crazy lies. He says kids are off limits period during this race. Henry decides to bring up the Polish sanctions while he's there. Morejon is with his caucus. He doesn't agree that Callahan is tapping into hate. Morejon doesn't think Callahan is anti-democracy or dangerous. 

Herman tries to give Nina flowers. She says she wasn't crying about him. She works 16 hours a day, is the first to go to college, etc. Can't mess this job up. Herman says she won't. Working class kids don't squander their opportunities. 

Some other Eastern European countries are making demands.

Morejon came through for Elizabeth and got her a filbuster proof majority for her sanctions. He says Henry made a compelling argument and anyway their kids are dating and he wants her to owe him.

Elizabeth tells Henry that now that their are sanctions, Poland is declaring a national emergency and mobilizing troops.

Alison comes downstairs. She broke up with Lucas. The Morejons are the enemy so she couldn't b e with him. Elizabeth says she doesn't know how to run for President while being a mom or a wife. She says that if Alison can't date who she wants, she'll quit. Allie says she will really dig Lucas. 

Elizabeth liked Herman's new speech. He accepterd Matt's notes. But the coalition is crumbling so Elizabeth has cancelled his speech because he can't sway public opinion. She has asked Lena to do it instead.

Lena makes a speech about how tragedy knows no borders and nationalism doesn't work. Russell is excited that the speech has caused mass protests in Poland and Demko has finally agreed to resign. He congratulates Elizabeth. She had the wisdom to save Lena. He says he realizes their relationship is antagonistic. His job is to push back on everything. He thinks Elizabeth is ready to be President.

Lena comes over while Lucas and Allie play Lucas' music. As soon as Lucas and Allie go Elizabeth thanks Lena for sitting through that. Lena will be going back to teaching. Elizabeth thinks Poland needs Lena.

Later Elizabeth hopes Lena will run for President. Henry says Elizabeth has been putting off her decision. She doesn't want to have to resign as Secretary of State but she guesses it's time. She gives Dalton her letter of resignation and they sit down together.

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Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

If you want to pick a person for Operation Human Shield, choose someone who isn't aware you have no authority over anything but a split infinitive.


We cannot stand idle while entire nations go homeless.