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During a briefing, Elizabeth learns that there are Chinese military buildups in violation of a peace treaty.

Elizabeth deals with the crisis but Mike is concerned about the impeachment process. Elizabeth is at risk of being removed from office. Elizabeth won't attack Congress even though this is nonsense. No one knows what's going on with Heeney.

Later, Elizabeth tells Henry she knows this is hard for Henry too. Blake won't go home as long as Elizabeth is in the office. She and Henry decide to make a bucket list of everything they want to do before they leave the White House.

Stevie shows up. She feels bad about having good news under the circumstances. She tells them she is super happy with Dmitri. However Dmitri may be afraid to propose, so she is going to propose to him. They are happy for them. But Stevie doesn't want to interfere with Elizabeth's political career.

Elizabeth tells her to stop that. Blake comes running in to hear. Stevie says she is going to put a proposal in a fortune cookie. Elizabeth is excited about the possibility of grandkids, causing Stevie to go away. Henry wants to go to the Lincoln Bedroom.

The next day, Elizabeth has a to-do list. She wants to address all the outstanding issues with the Singapore agreement. Russell thinks she is being too ambitious, especially with the impeachment hanging over her head. Elizabeth is not interested in his opinion.

Dmitri comes to see Henry. He asks Henry for permission to marry Stevie. He is planning on proposing after the dinner where Stevie is going to propose.

Elizabeth finds out that Heeney is from Pittsburgh, which might be good news. She goes to talk to Henry and asks him to talk to Heeney's father. Also Henry doesn't think they should interfere with Dmitri and Stevie's proposal plans.

Henry talks to Heeney. They talk about their fathers.  They get to business. Heeney says this is a proper investigation and that political survival is about relevance so he can't throw himself in front of a train that he can't stop. He wants to keep working for workers' rights with the next administration so he won't do anything. 

Elizabeth speaks in front of the Committee. She says democracy only works when government is held accountable and that's why she's not invoking executive privilege.

Canning asks if Elizabeth should take responsibility for her employees and claims she used Daisy as a scapegoat. Heeney is wriggling while Canning tries to claim Elizabeth is lying. 

Russell interrupts. China has killed 24 Americans (if not more) by hitting a boat. Elizabeth must leave. Canning claims this was orchestrated and an insult to the committee.

In the Situation Room, Elizabeth wants to talk to the Captain, who was killed in action.  The deputy commander says this was an unprovoked attack during a routine mission. They are sitting ducks. Elizabeth says help is on the way.

Elizabeth thinks military action will be seen as an act of war. She wants to talk to President Lee. No one agrees with her.

President Lee claims that the US invaded Chinese sovereignty. Elizabeth suggests they negotiate at Singamore. Lee says apologize and withdraw or he will continue to attack US ships. 

Russell thinks they need an Oval Office address. People are worried about nuclear war. China is getting ready for a nuclear first strike. Elizabeth wants to get the American naval troops out first. She goes to Def Con 2 and tells Russel an Thompson that Lee is counting on her being weakened by impeachment. She decides to ask Congress for authorization of war despite the impeachment. She also wants to talk to Chen.

Stevie and Dmitri wonder if this meal is a good idea. Stevie wants to wait for the fortune cookies. Secret Service says they must go to the White House immediately so that's that.

Rescue mission has gone off perfectly. But China has missiles in the area. They have 12 hours to detonate. China wants to seize the region. Thompson thinks they can go to the UN. The General thinks they should strike now. Russell thinks that's a bad idea. Susan thinks they have a strategic advantage to defend. Elizabeth will not engage in a shooting war that could go nuclear. 

Russell suggests a blockcade. Elizabeth asks if it's possible. Susan thinks that puts them on the defensive. Elizabeth doesn't care about having the advantage. She wants peace.

Congress passes the authorization.

Henry is opening champagne in the middle of this crisis. Elizabeth rants about the impeachment. Henry says Dmitri and Stevie are on their way up. Elizabeth assumes they are engaged. Henry gives them champagne anyway.

Stevie and Dmitri both think their parents told the other one. Stevie gives Dmitri a fortune cookie but it has the wrong fortune. Stevie starts to propose but Dmitri interrupts to propose to her instead. 

Dmitri is about to propose when Russell comes in to get Elizabeth. Elizabeth insists Dmitri finishes his proposal first.

China is advancing its weapons. Elizabeth decides to go to New York to talk to Chen in person since he won't take her calls.

Elizabeth catches up with Chen in New York. He says her naval blockade isn't helping the cause of peace. She says China murdered 24 US sailors. She hopes he can help her understand what's going on. Chen says the shooter was a rogue commander, not sanctioned by Lee. But Lee can't admit that to preserve his honor, especially since Elizabeth is a woman. Elizabeth says so he'd rather bblow up the world? Chen says if she won't back down there is no way out. Elizabeth says she will move her ships away but still watch what China is doing, so that Lee can claim the US backed off first.

Elizaeth also tells Chen about Stevie's engagement.  He congratulates her. She says she wishes the same for him. He says that was manipulative but effective and he will talk to Lee.

Chinese vessels are going to the quarantine line anyway. Elizabeth orders her troops to fire but the Chinese vessels turn around at the last second.

Elizabeth returns to the impeachment hearing. Canning claims that the conflict with China was fabricated to distract from the impeachment. Elizabeth tells him she will not allow him to politicize the death of the sailors. Heeney FINALLY steps in and tells Canning that he has nothing but imaginary conspiracy theories. Heeney says that Hanson is trying to undermine the authority of the President and that this is an attack on reality and truth. He's done with this. Eveyrone applauds.

Henry and Elizabeth play Scrabble. Elizabeth is delirious from lack of sleep but won't go to sleep.

The net morning, there are a few million protesters outside demanding the end to the impeachment hearings. It is the biggest public protest in the history of the country. The people are chanting SHE'S MY PRESIDENT. The Judiciary Committee has called off the impeachment. Other than Canning nobody has voted for impeachment. The inquiry is over.


Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

I will not attack Congress no matter how deplorable I find Canning and Hansen's tactics to be.


Mike: So Beijing seized on a political gray area to shoot at Russian efforts? That's not exactly shocking.
Thompson: True, but surveillance video shows Chinese military buildups on one island in particular: Han un Dou.
Russell: Even saying the name breaks the spell.
Elizabeth: So basically just another beautiful day in the neighborhood.