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Higgins and Magnum are driving somewhere when Magnum asks Higgins to become a partner in his firm.

Magnum is arrested for spreading counterfeit money.

Magnum is being questioned by an investigator while Katsumoto, Higgins, Rick and T.C. wait in the office. 

Magnum insists the bills are from a payment from clients. He and the lead officer go to the guy's house while Katsumoto and Higgins follow.

When the cops arrive at the guy's house there are a couple of dead guys there and a stack of fake bills.

Katsumoto takes the case over from the feds because it's a homicide and Magnum is released. He has two hours to give the counterfeit money to them.

Magnum tells Katsumoto about his case.

Magnum and Higgins leave and talk about the case. When they return home he finds Hannah there with a gunshot wound to the stomach and her gun pointed at Kumo.

She killed his client and wants to know where the guy Magnum was looking for is.

She tells them there's a reason why she betrayed him and everyone before she nearly passes out.

Magnum calls the ME to get her help with Hannah's wound.

Rick and T.C show up as does Higgins. All are surprised to see Hannah.

Hannah told Magnum that she did what she did because her father was kidnapped. Magnum relays the story.

She showed up to get their help. Nobody is happy about it.

Katsumoto calls him. He tells him what he found at Pock's house and that they found some DNA at Datson's house.

Magnum and Rick have words. Magnum wants to know why. Rick wants her in prison.

All the guys and Higgins agree to help get her father back.

Higgins tells Magnum she's still considering being his partner while Magnum tells her he wants to know if his and Hannah's love was real.

Rick is alone with Hannah and tells her what he thinks of her.

Hannah tells Magnum she's not lying to him.

Higgins and Magnum find a prisoner on an abandoned bus in the forest.

Katsumoto tells Magnum that woman's DNA they found was Hannah's.

TC with Magnum and Higgins gets into a helicopter chase after Pock.

Both helicopters finally land and Magnum shoots Pock.

Hannah makes a deal with her father's captors. Pock for the dad.

Katsumoto finds Hannah's car on Masters' property and knocks on the front door. Rick answers but he doesn't want to open the door. Katsumoto knows she's there but Hannah left and her car is gone.

Magnum and the others prepare for the exchange. Rick apologizes before Magnum leaves in case things go bad.

Higgins accompanies Magnum with a machine gun. Awesome!

The other guys make Magnum go with them until they can confirm Pock is real. Magnum says no then the guys leave with the dad.

There's a shootout but the car with the dad gets away until Magnum stops it. Hannah shows up too, engaging in the firefight but a surprise guy shows up and Hannah is fatally shot. She's not going to make it. She apologizes as Magnum holds her then she passes. Her father watches.

Magnum brings Hannah's dad to Kasumoto and hands over Puck as well.

Katsumoto is pissed that Magnum didn't cooperate but he softens up a bit. You can tell.










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