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Higgins and Magnum meet their latest client, Sister Adina. She wants them to look into a large cash donation of more than $100,000, that would go to a parishioner undergoing medical treatment. Jin informs them that the bag comes from a well-known money launderer. The launderer tells them the money never arrived as expected. Jin accidentally poisons Zeus and Apollo with an energy bar. Thomas and Juliet locate the dead money courier. They eventually fill in Katsumoto about their case. Jin takes the dogs to a vet, who gets the chocolate out of their system. Rick and T.C. attempt to find the killer's pickup. From a lineup of pickup owners, Adina picks out Leon, who works as a handyman at the church.An armed couple, Red and Izzy, enters the vet's office. She has been shot and they want the vet to help her. Juliet and Thomas find Leon shot in the leg. He was part of a robbery crew which included Red and Izzy. They tell their boss Tower that Leon has the money. Higgins and Magnum arrive at the vet's office and discover Jin is there. They call Katsumoto, who sets up for a hostage situation. Red notices the police presence. He demands the money and safe passage. Thomas drops in a phone to Jin. Tower figures out that the church has the money. Magnum races to the church but Tower gets there first. The police plan to rush the clinic. Jin plants Magnum's cell on Red so the police catch Red unaware, then grab Izzy. Magnum hits Tower with a collection plate and runs outside with the money, with the police waiting to arrest Tower. Magnum hides the money for the church. Jin hijacks Rick's talent show to pitch his company. Suzy tells Rick she's pregnant.

Magnum P.I.
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Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Higgins: We've actually solved cases with less.
Sister Adina: I've heard.

Jin, please don't make me regret this.

Higgins [to Jin]