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Rusty may have a connection in the justice system.

After finding a body of a fraternity boy in a 55 gallon drum, Raydor, Provenza and Flynn walk right into the middle of a kidnapping.

The father looks extremely suspicious as the drums and cell phones used in the kidnapping.

Rusty has incredibly good instincts. 

A sovereign citizen is involved with the kidnapping, perhaps with his own kids and drug running to Mexico.

The team is sharp and working together tightly.

When the truth is discovered, DDA Hobbs turns Julio Sanchez loose on one of the suspects.

The girl is saved.

Sharon promises never to lie to Rusty, and intends to share what she has learned about his father with him.

Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Sykes is not just polishing the apple right now. The captain got it right.


Sharon: Good God we just walked into a kidnapping.
Provenza: If their daughter is still alive.