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A baseball scout's murder is entwined with a complex kidnapping plot.

Rusty begins to talk more about his mother. 

Provenza and Flynn go Christmas shopping on Venice Beach.

While shopping, Provenza and Flynn see a robbery in progress and discover a murder.

The victim was killed somewhere other than where they were found, and their credit card was being used at a local Target store.

The fellow who was using the credit card was dumpster diving behind the restaurant from which he was fired looking for food for his family. When he found the card, he used it only to buy his kids a train set for Christmas so they would have something from Santa. Provenza made sure he would have an identical one to take with him before he was released from custody.

Dr. Joe comes back to continue his work with Rusty. Sharon tries to get information from him, but he won't give any without either permission from Rusty or a request from a judge.

Dr. Joe called Sharon Rusty's mother and Rusty called it a shrink trick, saying he was trying to minimize his mother's importance in his life to get him to talk.

Rusty feels guilty that his mother is out there somewhere and he's with Sharon, with a tree.

The kid who the victim was scouting, a double armed baseball pitcher, went missing 9 years ago.

Rusty finally tells Dr. Joe why life was horrible with his mother. She was either high, thought he was one of men she was going out with or dating someone so dangerous they had to go on the run. Rusty didn't know why they weren't talking about the threats on his life, and Dr. Joe said he thought they were, because that sure sounded like Rusty's life was threatened.

Dr. Joe helps on the ongoing case by giving Raydor advice about how to get the boy to remember who he was before he was kidnapped.

The murderer and the kidnapper are one in the same.

Rory is reunited with his mother.

Dr. Joe is finished with his look at Rusty. His final question is whether he would leave with his mother if she showed up right now. Rusty didn't know. Dr. Joe said that was OK.

Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Now I know we were scheduled to take this week off for the holidays. Don't blame me because we have a victim! Blame Flynn.


Nothing says Christmas in L.A. like a string bikini.