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We see a tape measure moving, then a TV on a couch, a fish tank. a painting...


A woman is measuring a painting. She asks Provenza if she can get rid of it. It's his girlfriend, Patrice, and she wants to get rid of a lot of stuff. He wants to hold onto it. Flynn calls and Provenza is glad there's a murder to escape to.

A little girl found a bunch of bones in Hollywood. Provenza thinks the bones could be suicide and are not important. ME checked some things out and found the bones may have been involved with an unsolved rape. Provenza thinks this is all very unlikely. The ME can't say murder even though the bullet hole seems to indicate that. Flynn says he will find out if the rape victim or her family has a weapon.

The rape victim is interviewed. She says she didn't leave her apartment for months after her rape and was let go from her teaching job. She now works at a rape crisis center and has a .38 gun. She knows how to shoot, though the killer used a .22.

Sykes wants to go over the rape again. The woman is defensive. She does tell Sharon that she was drugged prior to her rape. She was stood up by a blind date and met an older guy in a bar. She thought he was nice. But she doesn't remember leaving with him, just waking up in the back seat of a car, half undressed and paralyzed. After the rape, she was driven home.

Tao says the original report doesn't mention the car having a sun roof. Maybe he was driving that car when he disappeared. They look for impounded vehicles matching that description. Sanchez says there's only one such vehicle that hasn't been claimed. It belongs to a Tate Harrison.

Raydor talks to the victim again. She tells her to prepare herself, then shows her Harrison's DMV photo. She begins to cry. The victim confirms that this guy is her rapist.

Rusty and his friend TJ come to help Provenza move. Provenza wants Rusty to bring his stuff to a storage facility but tell Patrice they're going to Goodwill. He also wants to get info about Flynn/Sharon out of Rusty but that goes nowhere.

Most of Harrison's effects are gone because he was behind on his rent and was evicted. It might have looked like he left town. He was a former surfer and snowboarding instructor. He had a lot of financial problems, including a medical bill from a diagnostic lab. Flynn thinks it might have been rehab. His last credit card purchase was at Vermont Grind, a coffee shop, supporting this theory. PRovenza thinks $9.73 is too much for coffee. Sanchez suggests maybe he was with someone.

Sharon says they can notify the family. Tate's sponsor says Tate was an alcoholic. He didn't think he would ever get better. Tate was on Step 9 and trying to make amends. Flynn asks for a list of apology tour people. His family was on it and weren't too interested. Tate got into a physical fight with his brother. He didn't see him since--he disappeared after relapsing. Tate's last order was a mint tea and a latte. The sponsor says not many people at the meeting drank mint tea.

Tate's brother doesn't believe Tate was really sober, because addicts are always addicts. Tate came to see him to make amends. But he didn't believe it because Tate was still way behind on his finances. He offered Tate a job but Tate didn't even think about it. He caught Tate going through his wife's purse so he beat him up and told him he never wanted to see him again. He gave him the name of a woman, Mallorie Greggs, that Tate wanted to "make amends" to.

Flynn thinks Tate was a sociopath. Sharon leaves it to Provenza to tell Jonathan that Tate is dead. Provenza tells Jonathan to let them know if they hear from Tate.

Mallorie Greggs' husband has four guns. Raydor sends Sanchez and Sykes to talk to him. He answers the door and says his wife isn't home. His older son asks if they are police. His daughter tells Sykes that Tate was "mommy's friend." They ask to look at his guns. He won't let them in without a warrant and says he's busy. Sykes takes a photo of a bat and ball in the yard.

TJ asks if something will be okay with Rusty's mom. He says it will. Sharon comes in as TJ is leaving. Sharon hopes he didn't leave because of her. She sees all of Provenza's stuff in the living room. There wasn't room in the storage unit. Sharon says the stuff can't stay here. Rusty promises it'll be gone tomorrow, but he thinks if Provenza is so uncertain, he shouldn't do it. 

Provenza returns to Greggs. Greggs refuses to sign a consent form to look at the guns. The detectives question him about mint tea and the baseball glove, which his son announces he lost. Provenza says he will explain everything if they can look at the guns. It turns out a .22 is missing. But nobody else has the combination to the safe. Greggs is arrested.

Greggs can't explain the missing gun. He hasn't opened the safe in a while. His wife is working full time so he has no time to go to the range. He denies his kids know Tate Harrison. He can't explain how Tate had his son's glove.

The detectives try to figure this out. Flynn thinks they should talk to the wife. She is in interview room 1.

Mrs. Greggs says she hasn't seen Tate in almost a year. He came once to apologize for embezzling money and making it look like she did it , years ago. It was a very upsetting event that she wanted to forget. That's why she didn't tell her husband about it. Tao tells her that Tate was killed with a gun like the one missing from her husband's safe. They have proof that she called Tate several times over the last two weeks. She called him a few hours before his disappearance. Mrs. Greggs asks for a lawyer.

Mallorie called Linda Rothman. Rusty comes in to ask Provenza what to do with his duck lamps. 

Mrs. Greggs wants to get manslaughter in exchange for her testimony. The lawyers debate. Rothman insists on manslaughter. Sharon wants to hear the story.

Mrs. Greggs says that she didn't forgive Tate after all. She lost her career because of Tate's trick. It all came flooding back when he asked to forgive her. So he stalked her and said she was compromising his recovery. So she went to the coffee shop and put Ambien and Valium into his latte. She took him for a ride. The DA wants to charge her with 1st degree murder. Rothman tells him to corroborate her statement. Provenza thinks something is fishy and wants Tate's brother here.

Tate's brother says that Mallorie was never fired; she quit and disappeared from the company. Provenza asks why Tate would have apologized to Mallorie. He says there were "complaints" over the years, having to do with sexual assault of women. It would have killed his parents so he didn't report it. Mallorie was raped soon after her marriage. Tate stole the glove to find out if he was Greggs' son's father. 

The DA says they can't prove rape. Sanchez argues that they talked to other girls who were raped the same way. The DA still has questions.

Sharon tells Mrs. Greggs that Tate was her son's father. She would rather plead guilty to murder because she doesn't want her son to ever know. Tate wanted visitation so that he could get a share of his parents' company. Sharon asks to confirm a few details. Mallorie was drugged at a Christmas party. She can't go on, she can't talk about it. She realized that Tate was the father as her son grew older. Tate could tell the second he saw his son that the child was his. Rothman says the confession is hypothetical and that her client must be released. She argues that Tate could have committed suicide. She says if they hold her client for more than 15 minutes she will sue.


The DA says he needs evidence and they don't have any. Until they can they have to let Mrs. Greggs go. Rothman is pointing at her watch as they talk.

The DA is upset the woman is getting away with murder. He's bothered that the murder was the result of Mrs. Greggs wanting to keep a secret from her husband.

Provenza comes home  to Patrice. He is shell shocked by the way she has remodeled and rearranged the furniture. Provenza tells her that he likes it despite having not picked it out and it not being what he is used to. However, his recliner doesn't fit. She is going to reupholster it for him because he got rid of his duck lamps. He starts to confess to her, but she already knows. She figured it out because TJ told her that not everything would fit. She thought it was cute. She confesses she put her things in storage too. 

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