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Rusty is listening to Alice's messages on her voicemail. He plays a message for Dr. Joe. Dr. Joe congratulates him on his hard work and wants him to show the police. Rusty explains about how he can't tell the cops and how his therapy is privileged. He explains to Dr. Joe that this is important to him and that he thought getting the messages would solve his problem, but now he doesn't know how to report on them without involving the cops.

Switch to a dead body holding a cell phone. Buzz is back to working the camera. Provenza pulls up to the scene as Tao and Sanche investigate. There are two victims, a woman and a man. One victim was shot in the neck. Sykes got nothing from the neighbors. Provenza wants to find the gun or a witness.

Dr. Joe tells Rusty he can talk to his mother. He says his job is different from hers and he has to be Alice's voice.

A little girl tells Sykes to look behind a green chair in the alley, where the gun is hidden, and asks her inside.

Dr. Joe tells Rusty that he has a different job than the cops.

The girl is almost 12. She's seen the whole thing but is home alone. Sykes gives her her card but doesn't want her full name or her statement. She tells her they never spoke and only call if she's in trouble. The girl hides the card in a book.

Tao and Provenza talk. Buzz got nothing and goes around the corner to check out the security cameras at the mini mart. Sykes gives them the gun she found and says it's probably the murder weapon.

Sanchez says a gang called the Monsters owns the blocks around where the killing happened. They are also linked to an open murder from last week named Perez. There was one witness, Twiz, and he recanted out of fear of retaliation. Sykes confirms that witness protection doesn't always work with this gang. 

Both Twiz and the other victim were involved in the gang. Sharon asks how Skyes found the gun. She lies and says she made a lucky guess. Sharon looks doubtful. Provenza tells Sykes he doesn't believe this and eventually her witness will have to come forward.

Dr. Joe says he will listen to the message again but during therapy he wants to concentrate on Rusty during session. Rusty says this investigation is him. Dr Joe asks why it's so important. He says he's put a lot into the story and had a lot of problems. TJ gave him the security question for the pass code. TJ is a source turned friend who was interested in what he was doing. Dr. Joe asks whether TJ is interested in Alice or in Rusty? Rusty gets very defensive. 

Flynn wants to ask Sharon out on a desk. Provenza says okay. He's annoyed and too busy.

Sanchez and Sharon interview Twiz who claims he can't remember what he did the night of the murder. He says he didn't kill anyone. They show him the gun he used. He says the witness is lying and he doesn't like tacos so didn't kill anyone at a taco truck. They show him ballistics and say that the same gun was also used at the triple homicide. He insists he wasn't at the party, but they show him a photo proving he was there. 

Twiz says he has no motive. He says he didn't kill anyone.

The little girl calls Amy. She goes out o the interrogation room. The girl says the killer is right outside her window. She is watching him. Sykes tells her to stand back. Amy rushes in and asks Buzz if they got anything from the convenience store. Then she tells Amy to watch from a distance until he's gone and then go to the mini mart and call her with a pay phone. The girl doesn't know how. Sykes wants her to call the desk sergeant and gives her a message to repeat.

Sykes comes back into the interrogation room. Twiz asks for a lawyer and ends the conversation. PRvoenza tells Sykes she may get lucky. She looks guilty and scared. Buzz notices.

Rusty tells Dr. Joe that TJ isn't out and has never dated a guy. He disagrees with Dr. Joe's assessment that he is also keeping secrets. Rusty says he doesn't have time to think about TJ and wants to talk about Alice.

Hobbs offers Twiz a deal where he can get life in jail instead of the death penalty if he confesses to all four murders.

Provenza gets a call. He says he's closing the Monster gang shooting. He makes a face and tells Sykes to get Sharon.

Provenza explains the caller is an anonymous eyewitness, sounds like a teen or young girl and that she saw the real killer looking for the gun. Sanchez thinks it's a relative of Twiz. Provenza says Sharon is the second person to ask about cameras at the Mini Mart. Sykes says she has an eyewitness and Twiz didn't do the two newer murders.

Dr. Joe asks why Alice is more important than all the other victims. He thinks reporting on her death doesn't do anything. Rusty says it does. He says he wants to give Alice a voice because she died from apathy and neglect and before he met Sharon he was on the same path.

Hobbs and Sharon meet with Chief Taylor. Hobbs doesn't think they have enough to prosecute Twiz. Sanchez and Sharon explains the two victims began dating after a mob boss that was dating the woman went to jail. But without Sykes witness, they can't make an arrest. Taylor wants to try to help protect the witness. Sykes says they know what happened and the anonymous tip should let them question Big Hazard. Hobbs doesn't want a murderer to go free while they're figuring this out. Sykes doesn't want her witness to get killed. Taylor gives Amy some latitude but warns her not to go around the justice system.

Sharon tells Amy not to give her a name of the witness because if she finds out who it is she's putting her in protective custody.

Rusty says what he's doing feels right but he's bothered by not telling Sharon what he's doing. He's built up trust with her and he feels wrong about not telling her about the messages.

Provenza gives Twiz and his lawyer some bad news: his prints are on the gun. Twiz says he's not a snitch and starts threatening Sanchez.

The girl's grandmother gives the card and the cell phone to Sykes and tells her that she won't allow her granddaughter to get killed. She wants the cops to stay away from her. Sharon wants to put Twiz into protective custody so that his gang will think he is a snitch and they can flush out Big Hazard and get the truth out of him before having to track down the witness.

A bunch of cops rush a house in the neighborhood where the witness lives. They chase Big Hazard through the house and Sykes hits him with a barbecue cover (!) to knock him over and get him into custody. The little girl smiles at Sykes as she takes off, then the grandmother brings her back in the house. A bunch of neighborhood people (and possible gang members) watch as the suspect is taken past Twiz's house. They tell him Twiz is being put in witness protection. He asks for his phone call.

Dr. Joe tells Rusty that the messages are a way to deal with the differences between his situation and Alice's. Rusty says Sharon is a big part of that story but he''ll lose the story if he gives Sharon the messages. Dr. Joe is glad that Rusty sees how love impacts his life. Rusty says he has to choose what to say. Dr. Joe starts to say that it's a matter of when, not how, but the session is over and he tells Rusty he'll see him next time.

Sharon interviews Big Hazard.  His lawyer tries to shut it down but Sanchez says he hasn't told them anything he doesn't know already. Sanchez says they have an eyewitness so the suspect's denials don't matter. Big Hazard says that they are choosing Twiz over him when they know what he does. They offer Big Hazard a deal if he witnessed Perez's murder. But if Twiz gets the deal first it will be too late. They start to leave. Sanchez starts yelling at Big Hazard that he doesn't care what happens to him. Then asks him if he wants to help or not. Big Hazard and his attorney want to make the deal. Chief Taylor points out they need Twiz's statement. Tao says it's whoever lies better. Provenza gives him a photo on his phone of Twiz's crib to print out.

Twiz's door has been painted with "187 Snitch" in red. They tell him that people think Twiz is going into witness protection. Big Hazard might think so and be spreading rumors. They will give him protective custody if - but his lawyer interrupts to confer with him.

The lawyer offers that they tell what Big Hazard does and a parole date, and serves his sentence under a different name in a warm locale. Provenza asks why Twiz gave Big Hazard the gun. He says it was Big Hazard's gun, and he didn't think he'd be so mad about Tamara. Don't the cops have anything better to do than prosecute the murder of a taco truck driver? The case is therefore closed without using the witness.

Amy wants to quietly honor the witness. Taylor wants to go over it with her ot make sure there's no risk.

Flynn wants to take Sharon to her office but Rusty comes in needing to talk to her.

The witness is doing her homework in her room when her cell phone buzzes. She takes it out from under her window and finds a call and message from Amy. The text says, "I told you to stay away from the window." Amy also tells her to stay brave. 

Rusty gives the messages to Hobbs. She says the defense will get them but will do nothing with them. Rusty can post the messages to his blog because of freedom of the press. Sharon explains that if Rusty finds out who Alice is, Hobbs will have to change her approach but will get the conviction.

Rusty tells Sharon he loves her and she's more important than any story. Sharon says she's proud of him.

Flynn gives Sharon a list of Twiz's associates. He asks Sharon out to dinner the next night at a new romantic venue. Sharon is confused by the word "romantic." She says she needs to go talk to Hobbs.


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