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At the hospital,  Sharon puts her badge and her wedding ring back on. Rusty come running in with Flynn, who tells her that she can't leave yet. She won't let Rusty call Ricky and Emily. Flynn talks her into it.

Sharon thinks she's going home but Dr. Torres says she has to stay in the hospital for observation. He thinks she needs a new implant or possibly a new heart. 

The team visits and Sharon wants to hear about the case to take her mind off her condition. Provenza says that Landon talked to Curtis right before his murder.

Flynn asks Sharon what he should tell Chief Mason.

Mason doesn't care that Sharon is not there and doesn't want to see her anyway.

Landon was shot in the heart and then in the head.

Mason blames Sharon's press release for the murder. Page points out that this murder is the same as Bonnie's and the press got nothing then.

Flynn returns to work at Sharon's bequest even though he doesn't want to be there.

Curtis is interrogated and freaks out when he sees Landon's death photo. He gets angry and says Landon changed his life. He won't ever talk to them again without an attorney.

While putting all of Sharon's flowers away, Rusty finds flowers from Gus apologizing from the day before.

Provenza updates Sharon. A bunch of women came forward as the result of the press release. Landon's widow and son insist Landon that women are taking advantage and lying to get money. He threatens to sue the LAPD

Stan runs into them in the elevator and gives them subpoenas as he is representing the rape victims.

Stan wants the names of all the rape victims so he can sue the Landons. Provenza turns him down. They want to solve the murder, not participate in this lawsuit. Sykes wants Stan's alibi for his mother's murder. He had financial motives for the murders. 

Noan tells Stan to investigate himself. He says his mom kept everything secret so her insights were unhelpful because he knows nothing.

Sharon apologizes to Andy for putting him through this and cries. Flynn tries to comfort and encourage her. Sharon feels it would be easier for everyone if she had died because now she's inconveniencing everyone. He says it would not have been easier for him if she had died. He holds her.

Sharon goes to church, where she talks to Father Stan about her options. If she wants the transplant she has to go to the hospital and wait but the implant is only a temporary fix. Stan says the decision of when the transplant is ready will be made by God. Sharon says that she met a woman in the transplant ward. She would die for her in the street but might be taking her heart in the ward. Sharon asks Stan to give her her last rites.

Sharon plans to follow her doctor's orders but she has to plan for the worst. She prays with the priest.

In the squad room, Page says that she doesn't understand why the briefcases and phones of the victims were stolen when Craig knew who they were and where they were.

Curtis cannot be the killer according to Buzz's map data. Sharon returns and says they should arrest Curtis. She is only here to talk to Mason. She tells Mason to charge Curtis with conspiracy, which would lead to an end of the lawsuit. She also tells Mason that she has to take a leave of absence for health reasons and Provenza must be placed in charge. Sharon looks in on the interview with Curtis and his lawyer, who keeps objecting and not letting him talk to MCU. She tells everyone not to worry as she is taking a leave of absence. She will be checking in occasionally.

Curtis reveals that Vicki Landon told Seth about the accusations about his father. The Landons gave the stun gun. 

Rusty comes into Sharon's office. She's not ready to leave. Rusty recalls their first meeting. They hug.

Ms. Landon waits in Sharon's office while Tao interrogates Seth. They have found books belonging to Vanessa in the Landons' garage.

Page wonders whether the victims would have been comfortable with Seth. Provenza looks at the financials. In front of Ms. Landon, he says the financials show Seth is the murderer. Sharon adds that Seth confessed. Flynn is not happy that Sharon is continuing to work. Rusty says Sharon may be unavailable for the trial and should not be involved in the confession. Ms. Landon says Bill did rape the women and that he killed Bonnie and Vanessa. She killed her husband because he had to be stopped before he killed any of his other victims. Sharon and Provenza point out that Bonnie Pearl's murder was not detailed in the press. Sharon begins yelling at Ms. Landon and collapses.

Gus is serving someone who looks an awful lot like Stroh when he gets the news and rushes to the hospital. The doctor tells them that Sharon is gone.


Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Mason: I told Raydor that that press release was a mistake! We put a target on his back.
Page: Sir! Bonnie Pearl was killed in exactly the same way before we even knew about the rapes and very little information was given to the press.

Sharon: I feel fine. I just hate that I put all these people through so much trouble.
Torres: Trouble? You had atrial fibrillation and your heart almost seized. If it wasn't for the pacemaker, you would have died.