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Sharon goes into the MRI machine. We see the brain scan in slow motion. The doctor is very quick as he speaks. The heart problem is worse than thought but she doesn't need a transplant. They want to implant a monitor and pacemaker. He wants to do the surgery right then.

Afterwards, the doctor has a lot of warnings, including "no stairs" a million times, which he gives to Flynn. SHaron is on the phone with Provenza about the case when they walk in.

Tao and Sanchez yell at Stan to try to get info about the case. They want names of the girls involved in the case or they will arrest Stan (because coercion is apparently not a problem in legal cases involving the MCU). Stan tells them that there is a secret compartment in his mom's briefcase. Tao wants to know where else there are case notes. STan says it's in Bonnie's Facebook Messenger.

Page finds out there's a woman named Shelley Coyne in San Diego who was also raped but refuses to cooperate. Mason and Provenza send Page and Nolan to interview her. Nolan offers to take Page to dinner but she wants to keep their relationship professional. However, she is jealous when he flirts with the suspect, not that it does any good as she denies being raped and tells them to go away.

Rusty talks Stroh with Sharon. He has a photo from a red light camera in Palm Springs that might be Stroh but it doesn't fit the pattern. Sharon says thinking about Stroh's beginnings will help crack this case.

Nolan and Page update the others. Sanchez is about to tell them that Shelley called someone after she talked to Page and Nolan when Sharon walks in. Eventually he says Shelley called Curtis. They think Shelley is trying to blackmail Curtis.

Further updates: the Las Vegas woman, Mekeisha, appears to be missing and her parents don't seem to know or care where she is. Sharon is called to a meeting with Sanchez and Las Vegas Sex Crimes and Provenza wants to know from Flynn what's going on with Sharon.

The contact flirts with Sanchez. Mason interrupts to ask for her work-related reason for calling. The contact says Mekeisha has been incarcerated on drug charges for 60 days -- felony possession so she cannot be extradited to LA. Mason offers to pay to bring her over. The contact flirts with Sanchez some more.

Chavez brings Mekeisha to LA. Mekeisha doesn't trust cops. Chavez says when Mekeisha reported her rape she was stoned out of her mind and that she had drugs on her. Mekeisha says she was arrested for reporting her rape. She won't give the rapist's name or anything else without a lawyer.

Provenza tells Flynn he has to take Sharon home and tomorrow Provenza and Sharon have to discuss her health issues.

Hobbs tells the team that Mekeisha's testimony is not enough because of all the states involved.

Provenza thinks Sharon is taking unnecessary risks by being here. He gets emotional as he encourages her to take a lelave of absence and relax for a month. Sharon says she plans to work for years.

Mekeisha gets defensive. She says her rapist is rich and famous and will get away with it no matter what. They can't drop the drug charges til she gives them a name.

Mekeisha denies that Craig raped her. He set her up. He gave her a free ticket to Landon's seminar. She begins crying. She says that Landon drugged her, tied her up, gagged her, and raped her while saying "Trust me."

Buzz has a list of Landon's tour dates and they coordinate with MeKeisha and Shelley's rapes. However Hobbs says they don't have enough evidence because it's he said/she said and only one rape so far. Sharon says she wants to hear what Landon has to say.

Provenza and Tao come to the seminar. Sanchez and Sykes arrest Landon in front of his audience.

In a crowded elevator, Rusty is stuck next to Gus who tanks him profusely for his help because now he can get his own place and has a new job. Gus also feels a need to tell Rusty that he turned down a date because he "owes' Rusty. Rusty tells him to date whoever he wants and to leave him alone.

Meanwhile, Landon denies that he raped anybody or that he even knew Vanessa or the other women.

Mason is angry that Sharon put a press release out saying Landon has been arrested for rape because it's defamation (is it really?) Mason is annoyed because he is in charge, not Sharon. However he has no answer when Sharon asks him what he thinks the next step then. 

Meanwhile, Mrs. Landon comes in and yells at Sharon. Landon and his family leave and walk past Shelley, who wants to know why they are there. Landon's son asks who Shelley is.

Mason and Sharon continue to argue. Sharon tells Mason she is not interested in appeasing his ego.

Shelley considers testifying against Landon.

Hobbs says they still don't have enough evidence to link Landon to the murders. She keeps going on about how the rapes didn't occur in California and goes off to update Mason and Sharon.


Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Sharon: Oh, I'm fine. It was a little outpatient procedure but I am done and I am heading back to work -
Doctor: Tomorrow. Today you're going home so we can make sure the monitor works.

Sharon: Can we do the surgery next Friday, because I'm in the middle of a case.
Doctor: Actually, I was thinking we'd do the surgery now.
Flynn: Right now?
Doctor: You have something better to do than save your life?