Looking Over Evidence - Manhunt: UNABOMBER
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June 22, 1993

Another mail bomb.


Fitz looks through all the evidence on boards in front of him. His people want him to get Ted to plead guilty. It's time to talk to him.

Fitz wonders if Ted considers what he leaves behind in this world. Like the Charles Epstein bomb, for instance.

He talks about the warehouse of clues and what was left behind that he never considered might survive the explosion.

Fitz says he wants Ted to fight the revolution and change the world. And just like that, Ted says if it's his only option, he'll do it.

Then Ted suggest if they could toss out the evidence from that cabin, then what? He's going to go ahead and base his entire case on the fruit of the poisonous tree. Since Fitz just created forensic linguistics, Ted intends to get the search warrant thrown out because it was issued on false pretenses.

Fitz doesn't have the confidence in himself because his superiors didn't have the confidence in him.


Fitz finds a mistake in the manifesto. Paragraph 185. Eat your cake and have it too. Tabby and Ernie also consider Broad, Chick, and Negro to be mistakes. That makes him older or that he lives outside the city.

Fitz decides to call in the experts in their fields and those who were cited. A comparative linguistics woman asks about a page that may have been amended to the front. Corrections or errata? Another dude makes fun of her. When everyone leaves, she persists. This is a dissertation format from 67-72 for a Ph.D.

Cole's first suspect is Leo Burt who fits the profile in his eyes. Fitz isn't pleased that Cole is willing to throw half of his work out of the window.

Tabby wants nothing to do with Fitz's crazy antics. Ernie is sent back to the lab.

Fitz wants to know more about language from Natalie.

Fitz realizes it's in what the Unabomber doesn't say that speaks the most to who he is. He has no family, friends, TV. He is cut off, is unaware of pop culture, IBM, computers, and completely isolated and unaware of progression. Alone. Nothing.

Natalie has a way with words. There is something she says and in the way she says it that connects with Fitz. When she speaks to him about getting credit for his work, Fitz considers how to get Ted to plead guilty. Unless Ted says he's guilty, he's betraying his own principles to save his own skin.

Ted taunts Fitz, but in doing so he's taunting himself. The two men are ridiculously similar.


Fitz has a new profile. Nobody cares. Dammit, he's going to make them listen.

At headquarters, Tabby is racing through the office. They have something big. When Fitz doesn't answer his page, she goes to him.

The Unabomber has written to publications all over, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Penthouse...he wants to make a deal.

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Manhunt: UNABOMBER Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Are you kidding? This is cutting edge. There's not even a name for what you're doing.


Natalie: And if we can find his idiolect...
Fitz: ...we can find the Unabomber.