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After the death of the Meth Heads, Pete Baylor's body is preserved in glass. 

Ben is at Eureka for testing when Dr. Gupta informs him that the NSA will no longer be allowing them to stick around.

Mick sees a dark, ominous cloud looming over the city. 

She follows it to Eureka along with several 828 passengers including Eagan.

They see Ben on the other side of the fence and begin to question his loyalties. 

Mick confronts her brother and isn't pleased with his involvement with the NSA. 

She assumes The Calling meant she needed to stop him from allowing them to test him. 

Eagan ambushes Ben outside of his house. His men inject him with a drug and he wakes up in a basement. 

Eagan confronts Ben about The Calling and they fight. 

Eagan reminds Ben he has a photographic memory and demands to know what's in the Northwest wing of Eureka. 

Ben sends an SOS message to Mick through the refrigerator. 

She and Drea successfully track down Ben at a model home and arrest Eagan. Ben bails him out and informs him that he'll look into Eureka as long as Eagan get's his people on to the Lifeboat so that they can all survive the Death Date. 

Saanvi continues doing research at Eureka in hopes of proving that they need her. 

She notices that the passengers and the deceased all have one thing in common: traces of sapphire. 

A parcel arrives at Eureka. 

Dr. Gupta summons Saanvi and excitedly tells her that the sapphire breakthrough might change science. 

She shows her the parcel, but it's unclear what's inside. 

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