On Manifest Season 2 Episode 9, a storm connects the Stone family with the message in the Al-Zuras journal. Will they find out what happened to them on Flight 828?

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On Manifest Season 2 Episode 9, Cal experiences a Calling, TJ wonders why he was spared, Ben looks for answers in the Al-Zuras journal, Mic reports Jared to Internal Affairs, and Zeke tries to help Saanvi, who is not doing too hot following the cure.

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On Manifest Season 2 Episode 9, as a storm rages outside, anxieties boil over as Olive frantically searches for meaning in a centuries-old text.

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Manifest Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Michaela Stone is a threat, we’ll do what needs to be done.


Zeke: Say Saanvi’s cure works, what do you want to do first?
Mic: Escape, I don’t know? Take a year, see the world.
Zeke: Hmm. You do realize that involves getting on a plane, right?
Mic: Oohhh.
Zeke: where do we go? Greece, Chile, Thailand?
Mic: Anywhere that’s not Jamaica would be great.