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There is a scream coming from a house. A light turns on in a window. It's morning, and the phone rings. Mare is in bed when she answers.

An older woman wanted her to come by instead of calling the main station. Mrs. Carol says her granddaughter saw a peeper in the backyard.

Mare walks out the door while the older couple is trying to find a paper in which Mare was featured.

It's a year since a girl named Katie disappeared. It was her case, and after a year, nobody knows anything—mare sloughs off her disappearance with her proclivities for drugs and prostitution. The captain wants to start over with the case, whether she likes it or not.

A young mother opens the door to her baby daddy. She's got to give the little one to him for a bit. They're very young to have children. Her name is Erin. His name is Dylan. Dylan's girlfriend doesn't want Erin texting her man. An embarrassing display ensues.

Their baby is getting ear infections and might need surgery. Dylan says he doesn't have the money to meet the deductible and go through court for more money.

Mare wants a tank for a turtle for her four-year-old grandson. She's looking for something cheap.

A woman named Beth wants Mare to come by for a robbery of her trophy case, possibly by her brother, Freddie.

Frank calls Mare. Drew is excited about the turtle. Drew's lizard died within two weeks, so she's got reservations.

She spots Freddie and chases him.

A cop named Trammel is afraid of blood, which is unfortunate since Freddie is bleeding. When they walk out with Freddie, Beth slugs him.

Beth isn't going to press charges, but Freddie can't stay at her place even if he has no heat.

She wishes he would die so they could just get it over with. She can't do it anymore.

Erin wants to borrow her father's truck, but he says no since she scratched it last time. The macaroni and cheese is hot and burns his mouth. He wants to know if shit-for-brains will pay for the surgery, and Erin lies. Dad isn't paying for another goddamned thing.

Brendan wants to see Erin. She's excited.

Mare arrives home with the tank for Drew. Mare calls Siobhan to help. Danny is in the kitchen with what appears to be Mare's mother.

Danny is a preacher who has a penchant for drinking. Mom tells Mare why Frank called. He's engaged to Faye and having them all over for rib roast.

Mom's name is Helen. Frank walks in, looking for oregano, jumbling his words when he sees Mare. Danny is Mare's cousin.

Frank bought the house right behind Mare's.

Siobhan goes to a prestigious school, and she has disdain for her mother.

Erin is on her way to her friend's house. Brendan said he hopes she will dance again. She's meeting him in Sharp's Woods. Her friend is worried since Brianna is going to be there. That's Dylan's girlfriend. This screams of Erin getting killed in the woods.

Mare and Lori are going out to Mare's commendation or whatever she's getting.

They're all at the girls' basketball game. While at the game, Mare begins to call out the missing girl's mother, and her friend Lori tries to intervene, but Mare won't let it go. The mother assures Mare that it's not about her. How many fuckin' times does she have to tell her?

Mare was the basketball champion back in the day. Her number, 23, was retired. They called her Lady Hawk.

Mare meets a new resident named Richard Ryan. He's just moved here from Syracuse. He's a guest lecturer at the local college. Creative writing.

Erin arrives at the falls and leaves her bike propped up. The focus on the bike is another indicator.

She meets her friends. It's hard being a mom, but she loves it. She's establishing a time pattern for the detectives.

A message says for her to meet Brennan at the trail under the bridge. The name Brennan reminds me of Brianna.

Oh, and I'm right. There's Brianna. She made him up. Dylan is there, too. Brianna, who is like a friggin' linebacker, begins pummeling Erin.

Thankfully, Siobhan intervenes.

But Erin stumbles down the path into the dark. It's probably the last time we'll ever see her.

Richard tells Mare she's very beautiful. After that, Frank and his pals walk in as Richard asks if she's married.

They're making out on the couch now. Oh, not making out. They're screwing.

He wants to call her, but she thinks it's a one-time thing.

Richard's book was a national book award winner. She decides she'll call him if she can take a copy of his book.

Driving past the older couple's house, she finds a prowler matching the description. She gets out and vapes, seeing signs for Katie Bailey have been weather-beaten. She puts up a new one.

It's 3:30 am, but the house is bustling. Everyone from great-grandma down to Drew is up and about.

Siobhan is gay.

Everyone is waking up, including little DJ Erin's baby. She didn't come home.

Her dad gets high first thing.

Erin's body is sprawled naked in the creek, a giant gash in her forehead.

Drew is Mare's son's child. She thinks she sees him in the room when she wakes.

She gets a call.

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Mare of Easttown Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Mare: Did ya get down on one knee? Because you skipped that part when we got engaged.
Frank: Yeah, well, I was 20 Mare. I didn't do a lot of things right.

Mare: Since when is he a fuckin' cook?
Danny: He just needed a good woman to bring out the best in him. [laughter]