Finding Answers - Mare of Easttown
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Chief Carter is freaking out about Mare walking into a very bad situation. John Ross is DJ's father. That's what Jess kept from Erin's journal. She wanted to burn them because they might have shown who DJ's birth father was, and she knew Erin wanted Dylan's parents to raise the baby.

John pulls the gun, which doesn't surprise Billy.

Billy taunts John to do it. Do him a favor. Everyone thinks he's the fuckup anyway.

Mare walks up on the two of them in the scenario and races down to the water. Mare pulls her gun on him and tells him to put the gun down. John points it at Billy and then his own head before Billy wrestles him to the water.

John begs Mare to kill him, and she cannot believe what's happening.

When she gets to the office, she's blow-drying her cast, which cannot be saved.

Chief Carter gives her the photo. She's not OK, but she'll survive.

Mare gets the full story from John about when he started the relationship with Erin, and he starts are the very beginning. It started with a conversation and a walk, but then they started hanging out. They had sex, but it was so much more than that, he asserts.

As he explains his adult situation that he had with a teenager, Mare and Chief are practically rolling their eyes.

John says they had prepaid phones so that nobody would find out about them, but the night he killed her, she was angry, wanted John to pay with DJ's ear surgery, and if not, she'd tell Lori.

Erin was done, John said, with all of his lies. She was brandishing a gun, which went off as they wrestled for it, and as she was bleeding, he panicked and shot her in the face.

All I can think of is that I wish Colin were here to hear this.

John took her to Sharp's Woods to make it look like one of the kids did it earlier that night. Lori knew. John convinced her to lie about it to Mare.

Mare delivers the news to Deacon Mark.

John asks Lori to take in DJ and give him a good life.

Father Dan cannot believe it. Helen falls off of the chair in her excitement to get to Mare when she arrives home. They're several Manhattans in by now.

Mare is disappointed in everything about Lori, from lying to fingering Billy.

Father Dan has to content with Deacon Mark.

Siobhan checks in with Mare and helps her undress, wondering about her day. Mare asks about Berkeley. Frank told her because he was excited.

Mare thinks she should go to Berkeley. Siobhan says that Easttown is a better place because Mare is in it.

Things return to normal in Eastown.

Carrie wants Mare to tell Dawn and Beth to walk Katie into her new home.

Lori has DJ, named after Dylan and with the last name McMenamin, at the hospital for surgery. She says it's her son.

It's time for the custody hearing, and Carrie is crying in the lobby. She can't take him. She's using again.

Carrie wants Mare to tell Drew that she's sick so that he doesn't think she didn't want him.

Frank shows the family his choice for a wedding tuxedo, which gets lots of laughs.

The woman John was having an affair with comes into the restaurant. Frank can't believe that John drove them home that night and told stories and acted so normal after just killing someone.

When Mare says that Helen wouldn't have told her to fix her bandaid herself, Helen admits how unhappy she was and took out a lot of it on Mare. Mare forgives her, and Helen said she's already forgiven herself and wants that for Mare -- to forgive herself about Kevin. It wasn't her fault.

The woman who was with John wasn't with him recently. Mare told her to fuck off and got an earful. It makes Mare wonder who John was talking about when he was talking with his kid.

Mare revisits the interrogation video. She's questioning everything.

Billy will be out on parole in June.

Dylan visits Lori. Ryan answers the door. He wants to know if she knew DJ wasn't his son. He has money for Drew. He was going to pay for the ear surgery and an envelope from Erin, too.

Mare took Richard to Frank and Faye's wedding.

Mare wakes up in the morning to find Richard packing the car. He's got a new job at another college.

All the best things in his life came unexpectedly, his book, his son, and Mare.

Mare gets a call from Mr. Carroll. He's not doing very well in the wake of Betty's death.

He wonders if dealing with death gets any easier, and she tells him the truth. No, but you learn to live with the unacceptable and find a way to live with it.

Things have gone missing around the house since Betty left. His gun went missing, and then it was back.

Ryan Ross cuts the lawn. Damn. Viewers are soooo good.

Mare is destroyed when she sees the video of Ryan getting the gun from the shed. When she arrives at the school, Ryan spots her and takes off.

Mare calls for backup, tears coming to her eyes as she admits he's wanted in a murder investigation.

Ryan runs home, screaming for his mom. Mare's on her way. She knows!

The police arrive as Lori cradles her son. Mare will go in first, and nobody gets in front of her.

She enters the scene as it was, and they're soon at the station where Ryan talks about what happened.

Ryan found text messages and confronted his dad. John said he stop the affair, but the night of Frank's engagement party, he saw John on the phone and saw that it was Erin who called. There was a text from Erin, and Ryan answered it. He got Mr. Carroll's gun and went to Brandywine Park, lying in wait for Erin.

That's where Deacon Mark dropped her off.

Ryan confronted Erin, hoping to scare her, but as they struggled, he shot her.

Ryan put the gun back, thinking that no one would ever know it was gone.

Ultimately, he called his dad, who told him that he and Uncle Billy had sorted it out. It was a secret they could never tell anyone ever.

Lori thought it was an affair since the only other time Ryan had ever been that upset was when Ryan saw John with that woman.

Lori didn't know until the morning they went fishing.

Mare takes Ryan to the squad car and tells him what to expect at the juvenile facility. She says he's going to be OK.

Lori is crashing in her car, sobbing uncontrollably. Mare joins her. Lori wants to know why she couldn't just leave it alone. She had John.

Lori says her entire family is gone now because of Mare.

Mare continued trying to reach Lori, but she's not accepting calls. The therapist wonders if she's ready now to face what she's been avoiding.

The family visits Ryan at the facility. He seems OK.

Siobhan goes off to school.

It's been eight months, and Deacon Mark is at the pulpit. He feels like they've arrived at a good place in which they are healing.

Mare goes to Lori's house. She cradles her friend as she breaks in her arms.

After snuggling with Drew, Mare goes up into the attic.


Mare of Easttown
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Mare of Easttown Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Chief: You all right?
Mare: Not really.
Chief: But you're gonna survive?
Mare: [nods]
Chief: Good.

Billy: That's why you wanted to bring me out here, huh? Make it look like I blew my brains out?
John: It's the only way I could be sure.