Reevaluating Old Suspects - Mare of Easttown
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Mare wakes up in the hospital surrounded by family.

Katie returns home, reunited with her daughter. Dawn is overjoyed.

Mare, though, is hurting at Colin's loss.

Erin's bike is pulled out of the river. Deacon Mark is back for questioning. Father Dan visited the station distraught with the news that the Deacon was with Erin the night she was murdered. When he sees the bike, he admits he tossed it, claiming he didn't kill her.

He lies about the damage to his face, too. He's under arrest for tampering with evidence. For some reason, they cuff him. He's already there, so it seems odd.

The press is all over Mare's house.

Lori tells Mare that John is sleeping with Sandra again and that Ryan has been keeping that secret for months.

Lori could feel it the last time John had an affair, but this time, she was blindsided. Lori still loves John, though, and has no idea what she's going to do.

John and his dad are taking a bed into the house. Dad wonders what happened this time. John tries not to admit he had an affair. Dad didn't picture his retirement boarding with his two grown sons.

Billy is holding John accountable, letting him fend for himself.

Mare visits Colin's mother. She apologizes for what happened, but his mother slaps the shit out of Mare. It's an unexpected reaction. If her son hadn't followed Mare to that house, he would still be alive.

When she gets home, Mare breaks down in her mother's arms.

Wayne Potts didn't kill Erin, so they're still left investigating her murder. Chief Carter thinks they have about a week until he has to tell the public. He invites Mare back to the force and has her badge in the car.

Helen is fussing over Mare, and Mare thinks Helen farted. Nope, Helen got new shoes.

Richard has come to see Mare, arriving with a gift basket filled with hoagies and Rolling Rock.

Richard thinks Mare's dad would be proud.

Mare admits that she went out with Colin instead of being with Richard on his birthday. He says it's OK. Mare isn't ready to date.

The gun that killed Erin was a service revolver.

Brianna calls to tell them that she lied about Dylan being home the whole night. She's just trying to do the right thing for Erin and her baby.

Brianna's dad apologizes for his behavior and commends her bravery for saving those girls and bringing Katie home.

Dylan is still obstinate when questioned. Mare implies that Dylan already knew Wayne Potts didn't kill Erin and wonders why he stole Erin's journals. He's their prime suspect.

Siobhan had a great talk with the Berkeley professor, but she wants to stick around for her new relationship with Anne, making Ann a little uncomfortable.

Carrie is holding down a couple of jobs, and she's offered drugs from a coworker, which she turns down.

Mare is visiting with the psychologist even though she's not required anymore. She's anxious with all the kudos, thinking that she needs to meet the expectations others are placing on her. Gayle is worried that Mare hasn't effectively Kevin's death. She's been hiding behind other people's grief, using Katie and Erin as a buffer. The grief will wait for her until she confronts it.

She wants Mare to walk her through the day Kevin died.

It was a Sunday. A neighbor called that he'd gone to the back of the house. Kevin had stolen a lot of stuff from them and asked neighbors to call if they saw him. Frank wasn't home. Siobhan was around the corner at a friend's house, and she asked her to check on Kevin. Siobhan found Kevin. Mare can hardly talk about that call.

When Mare got home that day, Siobhan was on the floor. Kevin was in the attic, hanging from one of the rafters. Mare cut him down. She tried to catch him, but he was so heavy.

She held him in her arms until the paramedics came. They have to pull Kevin away from her.

Even talking about it, Mare isn't grieving. Gayle wonders if Mare has gone into the attic since. No one goes up there.

Beth is worried about Freddie. He has been locked inside his home for three days, and he's not answering his phone.

She finds Freddie dead in bed with a needle in his arm.

Beside the bed is a bag with McMenamin on the jersey. A Ross family reunion t-shirt. Beth enters before she can sift through it, and she tells Beth to stay away.

The inside of that house is freezing. You can see their breath.

Siobhan has a Berkley envelop on her desk. She calls Anne, takes drugs, swigs alcohol, and gets totally obsessive.

There's a get-together for Beth, and Lori thinks she's relieved that Freddie died.

Mare asks about the family reunion. She's wondering if anyone else was hanging around. Not that Lori knows.

Dawn wants to talk with Mare. Katie is struggling. She might never be herself again, but she wasn't herself for years before she was taken. She doesn't want to sound ungrateful. She's so thankful that Mare returned her daughter to her.

Siobhan's friends bring her home. She's wasted. She is so angry that she found Kevin.

John arrives home, and his dad is a mess. John is worried about him, but he's not sick. He needs to tell John something.

He found Billy late the night of Frank's engagement party. He was doing laundry. There was blood all over him. The next morning, they found Erin. He thinks Billy killed Erin.

He's been trying to erase it all from his mind. What are they going to do?

Chief Carter and Mare ask Kenny why Freddie had Erin's stuff. He let Freddie have it since he didn't have anything for his daughter.

Mare found something in Erin's journal with the date of the reunion on it. Billy stayed in the cabin with Erin and Kenny.

Mare drops off Drew to an excited Carrie. They exchange few words.

Mare goes to see Frank. They haven't talked since he accused her of a crime. Faye is at her mother's house. Things have been rocky since the paternity test.

Mare is amazed that Drew didn't even look back when he visited Carrie. They could lose him as early as this summer, Frank says. Mare knows. He thinks she's giving up the fight quite easily.

Carrie and Drew are having a great bathtime. But she starts falling asleep while he's in the tub. OMG.

Dylan confronts Jess on the street. He wants to know what she told Mare. They're joined together forever, he tells her. Get in the fucking car!

Drew falls in the tub. OMG.

Jess is hiding under a car, and Dylan and his friend try to find her. They drag her out from under the car. Dylan has a gun pointed at her face, and he threatens to kill her.

By the time Carrie wakes up, Drew is face down in the water. He's OK. I can hold my breath forever, Mom, he says.

Lori asks John about Erin and asks the same of Billy. That doesn't sit well with him.

Mare is pouring over photos from the family reunion.

John knows what went on at the reunion. He tells Billy it's only a matter of time. He wants Billy to say it. He needs to hear him say it; he killed her.

Billy killed her. It seems like John is going to try to cover it up.

But John goes straight to Lori and tells her. He wants to do everything they can to keep this from Mare, for the family, he says.

Billy is ready to confess. He's understandably panicked. John wants to go up to the cabin one last time.

Mare visits a jewelry store about a pendant. Erin wanted to sell it back, but they don't take engraved items as returns.

Billy is preparing his fishing kit, which has a gun in it.

Mare knows who purchased the pendant.

The drive to the cabin is slow and awkward.

Billy is protective of the tackle box.

Lori tells Mare she hasn't seen Billy. They need to talk.

Mare can read Lori well, knowing that she knows what she's there to talk about.

Billy shot Erin and is DJ's father. Erin was threatening to tell everyone. She was a kid and a cousin.

Mare calls Chief Carter, who is then interrupted. Jess is there with information on Erin.

Jess has a photo. Get Mare on the phone, Carter says. NOW.

I think it was John. He forced Billy to say it was him, but it wasn't. What's in the photo??

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Mare of Easttown Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Siobhan: You should have been the one.
Mare: Jesus.
Siobhan: It should have been you that day.
Mare: What?
Siobhan: I hate you for that. I hate that you made me find him. We don't even talk about him, mom. We don't even talk...
Mare: What are you talking about?
Siobhan: We don't even talk about him anymore! I hate you for that! I hate you! You should have been the one to find him, not me! Not me!!

Mare: I gotta get my shit together, Richard. I can't do this.
Richard: I tell you what. How about when you feel ready, if you feel ready, you give me a call and ask me out, OK?
Mare: How do I know you won't be spoken for by then?
Richard: Well, you don't. But you know, I'm 52 years old and I'm livin' in Easttown, so I'd say your odds are pretty good.