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Peggy is looking for a new apartment to live and Angie suggests a place in her building. Peggy is hesitant and it's clear she is worried about putting another friend in danger. 

Peggy goes undercover on a search for the milk truck full of bombs from the previous episode. She doesn't find anything, but discovers one truck is missing. 

Peggy attempts to break into Daniel's desk drawer and is nearly caught when he returns before she's able to get it open. Peggy is asked to help scan the female employees at Raxxon for radiation. Peggy realizes that the employees have changed clothes and suggests that they scan the clothes they were wearing in the morning which causes one employee to run. 

Peggy locates the milk truck full of bombs and quickly takes down one of the guys inside as Leet attempts to get away. Luckily the truck won't start and she questions him for information. 

As they drive away with Leet the truck is attacked. Peggy climbs on top of the truck and fights the attacker. Leet is hit and a bomb hits the floor of the truck. Peggy throws Jarvis and Leet from the truck and jumps as the truck drives into a lake and the bomb goes off. 

Leet is injured and before he dies, he draws a heart with a squiggle line through it. Peggy rubs it away her team approachs and she and Jarvis leave before they arrive. 

Jarvis stitches up Peggy's wound and helps her realize that she can't do it all on her own. Peggy changes her mind about living near Angie and applies for the apartment. 



Marvel's Agent Carter
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Marvel's Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Mr Jones: I didn't know our government had such good taste in secretaries. What's your name darling?
Peggy: Agent.
Mr. Jones: That has a lovely ring to it.

Peggy: I'm actually on my way to see an aparment now.
Angie: At this hour? You sure you're reading the right kind of want ads?