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Jarvis is haggling with two guys over a brief case of money. When they open the brief case, a gas is released. Jarvis and Peggy collect what they came for - Howard Stark has returned. 

Peggy brings Stark back to the Griffith and hides him in the dumbwaiter. She's nearly caught but lies that she put her laundry in the dumbwaiter. Peggy is surprised when she opens it and finds an actual laundry bag. She finds Stark in her neighbor's apartment. 

Dooley is going to Germany to question Col Mueller, a Nazi, to learn about the two Russians who had supposedly died but have since shown up looking for Stark's gadgets. He leaves Agent Thompson in charge while he's gone. 

Stark shows Peggy his camera pen. Peggy makes fun of it, but puts it to use taking pictures of the lab. 

Sousa goes to get prints off the phone that called in the tip and runs into a couple of homeless guys playing cards. He questions them to see if they saw anything and arrests one who tries to fight him. 

Stark reviews the pictures Peggy took of the lab and tells her that he needs her to steal one of his inventions back. He tells her it will cause a city black out and he can't turn the lights back on. 

Sousa's witness finally agrees to talk when Thompson offers food and beer. He tells them he saw a well dressed man and a woman with dark hair. 

Peggy sneaks into the lab and retrieves the blitzkrieg button. She flips the switch on it and finds a vial inside. Peggy confronts Stark and asks him what's in the vial. She tells him it's Steve Rogers' blood. Stark claims he believes it could be used for vaccines and help people, but Peggy thinks he's out to make money. 

The typewriter guy sneaks into the Griffith to come after Peggy, but he's taken down by Dottie. 


Marvel's Agent Carter
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Marvel's Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Stark: I hate small spaces. What if the chain snaps and I fall to my death?
Peggy: Don't worry, I'll never reveal that Howard Stark's dead body is lying rotting at the bottom of a dumbwaiter shaft.

Sousa: The unanimous call that led to the Stark weapons? I'm going to see if i can pull a print off the phone that rang it in.
Peggy: It was a public phone. The only thing you'll pull is a bacterial infection.